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Datamation Systems releases Multi-Bay Battery Chargers

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Haven’t we all run out of laptop battery power while working on an important assignment? That can now be a thing of the past as Datamation Systems introduces new multi-battery chargers. In one compact unit, the devices can recharge 16 spare batteries.

The company had earlier released multi-battery chargers for laptops and tablets from companies like Dell, Lenovo, Apple and Intel. They now come out with two new models; one recharges the new Dell Latitude 2100 batteries and the other recharges the IdeaPad S9 and S10 from Lenovo. The chargers also help extend the batteries’ life as they possess the ability to re-calibrate them.

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“Classroom users cannot afford to have students run out of power during the day. Extra batteries, charged and ready, let teachers and students count on uninterrupted use, especially in a wireless environment,” shared Joe Mazza, Datamation Systems Vice President.

Besides this, the whole line of security and powered carts, cabinets and cases from Datamation Systems are also complemented by these battery chargers.

The price and availability of the Multi-Bay battery chargers from Datamation is still under wraps.

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