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Dash Express GPRS-Navigation Device Available for Pre-Order Now

Dash Express GPRS-navigation device

Dash Navigation has introduced Dash Express, a GPRS-navigation device which can be pre-ordered right away and should be in your hands by around mid or Feb-end of 2008.

So what makes the Dash Express different from the conventional GPS systems?

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Well, this device has the ability to maintain a constant web connection through Wi-Fi or cellular GPRS networks. Thanks to which, the Dash does not illustrate POI (points of interest) information from a database that is stocked up on the device itself, but retrieves data about people, places, products and services from Yahoo’s local search service. This facilitates the Dash to offer more intrinsic details. Dash Navigation has joined hands with Yahoo! through which owners will be able to enter search requests into the navigation device terminal. After which Yahoo Local search will find out the addresses and other details pertaining to the search.

In addition, the GPS also shows the latest traffic information that is exchanged among Dash devices automatically and incognito. According to Dash Navigation, the device gathers traffic data from the “Dash Driver Network” and merges it with several other sources of traffic data to deliver an accurate picture of what’s happening on the routes [the user] is traveling”

Further on, the Dash Express even keeps track of its owner’s current location, speed and other details that further recognize impending traffic jams. Thus, alerting the drivers with the same and offers as many as three different alternative routes.

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Dash Express incorporates the Send2Car function, thanks to which users can send address details from any web browser or Microsoft Outlook to the device in the car, irrespective of whether the car is already on the road and nearing its destination. The GPS navigator includes a 4.3-inch, 480×272-pixel widescreen display with touchscreen capability and a two-hour battery live from its integrated lithium-ion battery.

Priced at $600, the Dash Express GPRS-navigation device comes with three months of free internet service, which is priced at $13 per month. And if you plan to pay the entire year’s amount in advance then it will come to $11 per month and to as less as $10 per month if it is paid two years in advance. To pre-order the Dash Express you need to simply visit www.dash.net.

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