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Dad went to prison for taking away his daughter’s iPhone

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Most people wouldn’t blink an eye at the idea of taking away their child’s phone as a punishment for bad behavior. However, a tussle between a father and his daughter over an iPhone escalated into a full-blown court case.

The inciting incident had occurred all the way back in 2013. Texas resident Ronald Jackson took away his 12-year-old daughter’s iPhone 4S because she sent an insulting text message about his girlfriend to her friend. She then proceeded to contact her mother, Michelle Steppe, who is currently in a relationship with an officer in law enforcement.

Following a complaint, the police came to Jackson’s door and asked him to return the iPhone. He refused to do so, and did not hand over the handset even after Steppe sent him a demand letter in the following days. She told the Washington Post that she supports his actions with regards to him taking away the device, as a punishment as parents have the right to discipline their children.

However, Steppe thinks he should have returned the phone after the visit was over as it was not his property. The iPhone in question was on Jackson’s cellular plan but had been bought by her. Charges of theft were eventually brought against him, with police officials even going as far as arresting him and placing him in jail for the crime.

The resulting court case has been dragged out for years at this point. The Dallas judge who was overseeing the proceeding has now announced a verdict of not guilty citing the lack of evidence. Jackson still possesses the iPhone 4S that started the controversy. His lawyer is now planning to file a civil rights suit against the police and city attorney’s office.