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D-Link to roll out ShareCenter DNS-320 and DNS-325 storage devices

DLink DNS-320

The current technology realm is being enriched with numerous storage solutions aimed at effectively sufficing for most personal data hoarding requirements. To help lead this charge, D-Link has announced the shipment of its latest ShareCenter 2-bay network storage devices dubbed DNS-320 and DNS-325. These new NAS offerings are touted to feature intuitive UI as well as an updated hardware platform to let users share content over home networks.

Both products present owners with centralized storage solutions to efficiently manage, protect and access personal data. Each integrates two SATA HD bays optimized for 3.5” drives of 1TB and 2TB capacities. The unit seamlessly enables users to share, store or even stream content from any room in the home or remote distant location over the web. The devices can be installed easily and if additional memory is needed, they allow for quick addition of hard drives without employing tools or connecting cables.

“From music for your iPod to photos from your digital SLR to videos for streaming, the need for centralized storage has increased dramatically in today’s connected households,” expressed Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of consumer marketing, D-Link North America. “Our new ShareCenter products enable users to easily backup their digital lives with added capabilities and advanced technology to get the most out of their home networks.”

The two new D-Link entrants incorporate Farstone’s Total Recovery Pro Backup software for backing up hordes of data without the hassle of employing tools or cables. They also include support for remote access to files via an FTP server as well as a built-in web file server app. The DNS-320 comes equipped with an 800MHz processor, a user friendly interface and software that aids in managing and locating files. The DNS-325 runs on an upgraded 1.2GHz processor and incorporates applications such as photo gallery, a Blog app and audio streamer. Both solutions exhibit Time Machine support and AFP for Mac users.

These D-Link products can be purchased through several retail stores including, Micro Center, J&R, Amazon, Fry’s Electronics Tiger Direct, NewEgg and via the company’s online store. The DNS-320 and DNS-325 retail at $109.99 and $199.99, respectively. The company will also be releasing the NAS solutions pre-configured with a 1TB disk drive for $199.99 and $279.99, correspondingly. in the month of May.