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D-Link PC-on-TV Player, an Innovative Device for Enjoying PC on TV, launched

PC-on-TV Player

D-Link has introduced PC-on-TV Player (DPG-1200), a media player enabling users to bring their entire PC experience to the television. The PC-on-TV Player is mainly made for watching popular Web-based content available on their PC from a TV.

The media player allows users to access the internet and stream web-based content like YouTube videos, Google Video, Veoh Networks’ content and more, directly from their PCs via the web pages.

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Users can also watch any local video content, and use existing media player programs, such as iTunes, Nero, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc. directly on their digital television. Hence users do not have to burn a DVD to watch films on their television.

The PC-on-TV Player can be directly connected to the TV with VGA, component or included composite cables. Then it connects to a computer on the home network via Wi-Fi. Ten users will be able to control the connected computer using the PC-on-TV remote control.

Users can also watch images at 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution, while videos can be enjoyed at 640 x 480 pixel resolution at upto 30 frames per second.

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The PC-on-TV Player comes along with the trackball remote control that includes buttons for all common navigation functions. The D-Link PC-on-TV supports TVs as well as projectors.

Further, the D-Link DPG-1200 player includes a portal landing page on the TV with links to VeohTV and active-TV Online applications, each offering a single interface to search, browse and view nearly all videos on the internet. These services will allow users quick links to find videos on screens designed to fit their TV screen, therefore it can also be viewed from the couch.

“The D-Link PC-on-TV is an elegant solution for extending the PC experience to a TV in the other room,” said Chris Wong, director of product management, multimedia for D-Link Systems. “We’ve developed a simple way for our customers to leverage their big screen TV for accessing and enjoying applications traditionally reserved for the computer. Users can now share virtually any movie, song or Internet video with others from the comfort of their family room, with only the click of a few buttons.”

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Moreover, the D-Link PC-on-TV will also let users control their computer remotely including navigating the internet via standard web browser and playing many online games from the TV.

A 10/100 Ethernet wired and 802.11g wireless network interface, composite, component and VGA video outputs for plugging into the TV are some of the other features of the PC-on-TV device.

The D-Link PC-on-TV Player (DPG-1200) is now available in the US market at $239.99.

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