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CyberLink PowerDVD 8 launched in the US

CyberLink Logo CyberLink has launched the latest version of PowerDVD 8 supporting the latest high-definition video and audio formats. Cyberlink claims that PowerDVD 8 will offer consumers the ability to enjoy movies beyond just watching them.

Key features of PowerDVD 8 include:

  • Support for HD audio and video standards and formats, including AVCHD and Blu-ray Discs
  • Pure Home Theater Audio lets users enjoy unmatched clarity and purity through their high-definition, 7.1-channel home-entertainment system, or on the go using a notebook
  • Movie Collection lets users collect information about movies and sync with their online MoovieLive account
  • Movie Remix lets users create their own stories using their favorite DVD movies, rearranging scenes, adding dialog and commentary, subtitles, and on-screen effects
  • MoovieLive.com, the new online community for PowerDVD users to share comments and remixes, publish reviews, and find friends with the same movie taste
  • “Now CyberLink PowerDVD 8 not only offers the best movie experience on the PC, it offers a totally new way to get immersed in movie entertainment,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink.

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    “PowerDVD extends the user experience from the realm of watching movies on the PC to a new online universe of shared experiences. With a built-in database for organizing a movie collection, and the ability to share information, opinions, and remixes via the online community MoovieLive, PowerDVD users now have more ways than ever to enjoy movies,” Chang added.

    PowerDVD offers users the capability to build a database of their movie collection, and then allow them to sync and share information with other PowerDVD users. They can not only manage their movies collection but also manage movie disc information, personal notes and reviews. Further they can rate movies and indicate DVD ownership.

    On the other hand the MoovieLive website allows users to find information about movies online. They can also sync and share their database with other PowerDVD users.

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    The PowerDVD 8 also features Movie Remixes that enables users to create stories from their favorite movies by selecting scenes and the order in which they want them to be played. Users can further add personal touch with animated graphics to stress a particular event in the movie, new voice-overs, for alternate dialogs or commentary and personalized subtitles with adjustable font color, size, and shading.

    The CyberLink PowerDVD 8 supports videos formats such as MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, MPEG-2 HD, SMPTE VC-1 and WMV-HD. While disc formats supported are Blu-ray Discs: BD-Video profile 1.1, AVCHD, DVDs: DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-VR, DVD+VR and CDs: VCD, SVCD and Audio CD.

    CyberLink intends to ship the PowerDVD 8 by May 2008 at the prices ranging from 39.95 and 99.95.

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