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20 Cute Tumblr Themes

Cute Tumblr Themes

Cute Tumblr themes can help you attract the right crowd to your page. You, as a blogger, like to touch upon certain topics. This could be anything from business and work-related items to cute stuff like flowers, baby pictures, photography and love. Whatever be your preference, why not find a befitting theme that would truly match just what you’re trying to portray online?

1 – Bus Full of Hippies:

Bus Full Of Hippies

We kick start this party with the mention of a theme that’s littered with floral designs. Modified by Christian Montoya, some of its features include custom images and colors, localization, Disqus comments, tags and search. This popular design was originally formulated by John Oxton and illustrated by Denis Radenkovic.

2 – Pop Gallery:

Pop Gallery

According to the developer, this particular layout is created for galleries, visual portfolios, handcraft shops and just about anyone who wants to take advantage of distinct thumbnails. Sporting a clean, beautiful design, the theme offers optional circular thumbnails, infinite scrolling thumbnails page, editable color scheme, ShareThis plugin for Twitter, Facebook and Google+, 3 custom tags and 3 bubble tags. It also supports Disqus and Facebook comments.

3 – Fluid:


This one flows right into our array with audio and Photoset mechanics as well as built-in Instagram, Twitter and Flickr feeds. The second installment namely, Fluid Neue also includes upgraded framing and shadows, and an animated share widget with dedicated Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Tumblr Reblog buttons. Some of the other attributes read as social media support, Disqus commenting, ‘Likes’ in the sidebar, infinite scroll, auto-hiding metadata, localization and Google Analytics.

4 – Boutique:


This software gem claims to bring ‘all the sass and class of a Parisian storefront.’ This fancy layout spills onto the scene with features like Disqus comments, custom images, search, high resolution and tags. You can purchase the same by shelling out $49.

5 – Vintage Sky:

Vintage Sky

Highly customizable in nature, this theme extends its support to all Tumblr attributes as it comes complete with 2 content-rich sidebars for the latest tweets, likes, search box, description, pages, avatar box and individuals you’re following. This option even displays a pretty, animated header.

6 – Uno:


In case you’re wondering, this is a side-scrolling theme that’s created for photo-heavy blogs, as the maker suggests. Unveiled by The Layout Shop, this software lets visitors view your photos in a neat gallery format. It also includes customizable backgrounds and colors.

7 – Storybook:


A happy ending is what we all crave for, so why not live life like a fairytale? This delight comes to you complete with page support, crisp detail and social media links. It also covers Disqus comments, all post types, search, localization, tags, and high resolution images. This one too will cost you just under $50.

8 – Coco:


This premium theme hits our lineup with ‘lots of heart and soul,’ as well as heaps of customization options. Unleashed by Style Hatch, this charming and sophisticated piece of software enters with integrated support for group blogs as well as sharing on Twitter and Facebook, sites you follow, Disqus and Flickr. As far as the personalization features are concerned, you can tweak the artist styles, colors, text and images.

9 – Workspace:


All things ‘office’ needn’t be a boring topic after all. The header of this layout is littered with interactive items that you would normally find strewn across your office desk. This includes things like a coffee mug, pen, eraser and glasses, all of which can be moved around. Along with cartoonish post containers, it also features smart quotes, slideshow or custom photosets and integrated Twitter feed.

10 – Kawaii Theme Five:


Our next entrant is plucked right out from the house of Kawaii Secrets. It strides to the forefront dressed in attractive shades of pink. So if you’re blog comprises of sugar, spice and everything nice, then this is something you can consider grabbing.

11 – Vanilla Pod:

Vanilla Pod

Although this sounds like a tasty ice-cream flavor, this has nothing to do with the dairy sort. It’s in fact a gorgeous Tumblr layout that sports a few funny-looking onscreen buttons which are dotted across a background that bears spots of flower prints.

12 – Popcase:


If it’s artwork you want to showcase across your blog, then might we suggest this particular inclusion? The software displays quite a few interesting attributes such as image slider and upload, Disqus comments, social links, Google Analytics, social widgets and social share to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

13 – Dream Theme:

Dream Theme

You’ve heard of the dream team. Well, here’s its Tumblr counterpart. This simple theme provides you with a light beige backdrop and a bright spray of flowers and patterns in different eye-catching hues.

14 – Shift:


As per the developer, this contender in our roundup can be used for just about any blog, from portfolios to personal pages. What’s more, you can set your desired color for the theme through the Appearance tab.

15 – Juuvy:


You’ll be able to endow your blog with a fashionable modular grid that comes complete with changeable post sizes. It further ropes in features like popular site tags, decorative post footers, responsive layout, Disqus comments and infinite scrolling, among others.

16 – 3xistence:


Want to make cyber world go gaga over your high-resolution pictures? Well, you can do all this and more via 3xistence. This gem also offers Google Analytics, tag cloud, Disqus, text widget, a dozen social networks and 5 color schemes.

17 – Diana:


Noted to be a vintage style, fully customizable theme, this software spreads all your recent tweets, post types and Flickr photos across a unique postcard layout.

18 – Sunrise:


Blessed with adorable icons and a sober background, Sunrise forays onto the scenario with Disqus, Google Analytics, twitter feeds, page support and simple icons for archive, RSS and mobile viewing.

19 – Southern Afternoon:

Southern Afternoon

Looked upon as a virtual scrapbook, it allows you to portray everything that you hold precious in one single place. Ribbons and lace are what you can expect to see splashed out here.

20 – Polaroid:


Exactly as the name suggests, you’ll be able to gather up all your posts and photos, and display them across the virtual terrain in the form of Polaroid pictures. It’s clutter-free and sports a clean appearance.


The layout you opt for aptly reflects what you’re blogging. So if you’re covering topics like animals, flowers, scenery, cartoon characters and the like, then these cute Tumblr themes are just what you need. Don’t hesitate to check them all out as each of them has something unique to offer all you bloggers out there. And once you settle upon your desired ones, don’t forget to leave your mentions in the box below before prancing to your refurbished page.