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Crossbar unveils RRAM with whopping 1TB memory

Crossbar has silently gone on to reveal a new piece of technology that is gearing up to challenge the dominance of NAND drives. Its newly unveiled RRAM or resistive RAM holds the capability to offer up to 1TB worth of storage through a single Chip. Moreover, along with low power consumption, it delivers 20 times the write speed that NAND drives possess. And that’s not all; it even features 10 times more endurance than the latter.

RRAM is a high capacity and high-performance non-volatile memory that makes its possible to store about one terabyte of data on a single 200mm2 chip. That means over 250 hours worth of HD movies would be able to be stashed inside it. In addition, 3D stacking will enable its makers to offer multiple terabytes as well, according to Crossbar. This feature is allowed thanks to its straightforward three-layer structure, and as the company has mentioned, the simplicity, stackability and CMOS compatibility of RRAM enables logic and memory to be easily integrated onto a single chip at the latest technology node.

Crossbar RRAM

Crossbar has its focus set on the fact that non-volatile memory is currently the most common storage technology utilized for code storage (NOR) and data storage (NAND) as far as electronic gadgets are concerned. And as Webfeet Research has pointed out, it is expected to become a $48.4 billion market in 2016. Hence, Crossbar is planning to introduce standalone chip solutions, optimized for both code and data storage. And it’s even looking forward to license its technology to system on a chip (SOC) developers.

Crossbar is just a startup at the moment, and such a big development coming from it definitely makes it a company to watch out for in the future.