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Cross Browser Testing Using LambdaTest


If you happen to be someone who develops websites for a living, you will know the pains involved in testing them across various browsers to check if they work swiftly on all of them. Doing this manually consumes a lot of your time, and not to mention, you will never be able to test your pages for the phenomenal number of different browsers that are available out there. This is where something like LambdaTest can help you out greatly. It’s a truly useful and highly functional tool that you can use to have your websites and web apps tested across more than 2000 different browser and OS combinations.

LambdaTest Stats One of the biggest highlights of LambdaTest is that it lets you perform automated browser tests on a scalable, secure and reliable online Selenium grid. As you must know very well, Selenium is an incredibly important tool if you want to test your websites on modern browsers and operating systems. It’s a portable framework for testing web applications, which grants you a playback tool for authoring functional tests without needing to learn a test scripting language. Moreover, Appium is also supported by LambdaTest, making it easy for you to test your sites across various Android and iOS mobile browsers.

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LambdaTest Browser Testing

Live interactive cross browser testing is one more of LambdaTest’s big highlights. You can choose the browser and operating system of your choice, and instantly get access to real machines for displaying the detailed information you’re looking for. Not just the web browser, but also its software version and even the display resolution can be set to get live feedback on this tool.

One of the prime features of LambdaTest is the ability to capture screenshots automatically of the website you are testing. You can have them snapped across various browsers in a single click. All you need to do is enter the URL and select the browsers of your choice. You can grab full-page screenshots to ensure a pixel perfect digital experience across all platforms and browsers. Additionally, LambdaTest allows you to grab screenshots on Android and iOS platforms across a multitude of different handsets. This also enables you to test the responsiveness of your web pages on those devices.

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LambdaTest UI

The Smart Visual Testing feature of this tool is great for testing and comparing two-page layouts in order to grab a quick insight into their differences. Everything from visual bugs, icon sizes, padding, color, layout, text, element placement and more can be checked with this method. LambdaTest supports integration with various other platforms like Slack, Asana, Trello and more, which increases its usability when you’re working in teams.

All these features make LambdaTest an amazingly simple yet resourceful cross browser testing tool. A free trial of this program is available for everyone to experience. This version offers 60 minutes of browser testing, 10 screenshots and 10 responsive tests per month, among other things. But for a monthly payment of $15, all these limitations are gone, and you get a seamless experience with the program. There are other, more intensive plans available as well, moreover, along with discounts on yearly commitments.

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