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Croma – The New Tech Store from TATA at Mumbai

Cameras on display at Croma

When we came to know that a tech-oriented store like Croma had come up in Mumbai, India, we were truly excited. We here at Techshout.com love all things electronic and thus couldn’t resist checking out this store. Located in Juhu, the Croma store happens to be India’s first gadget store retail chain for consumer electronics and durables, which was launched by Infiniti Retail, a subsidiary of TATA Sons.

On entering the store, we noticed that Croma has a very high level of security and the guards at the entrance frisk just about everyone who enters. Nevertheless, the store assistants are very friendly and ready to help all.

Cds on display at Croma

The sprawling store spread over 20,000 sq ft of space, houses more than 180 brands of consumer electronics and durables. The Croma Mega Store is conveniently divided into 8 categories- Imaging, Computers and Peripherals, Communications, Gaming, Small appliances, White Goods, Music and Home Entertainment. The never-ending rows of hi-tech products are sure to put all you tech heads in a tizzy.

Something that is really great about the Croma is the fact that the trained assistants are very helpful to customers and provide them with in-depth knowledge of the vast array of products available. Armed with the motto, “We Help You Buy”, the store assistants make sure that customers are guided and helped according to their needs. After all, the Croma store assistants have actually undergone an extensive training programme that has equipped them with complete knowledge on all products and brands available at the store.

On visiting Croma, anyone will realize that the USP of this digital lifestyle store is its huge size and capacity to store more than 180 national as well as international brands. More than 6000 products are also on display, allowing customers to get a touch and feel of a product before actually buying it. This means that you can take your time while deciding which phone or laptop to buy, test it out and then make a decision that you won’t regret.

The Computers and Peripherals section had laptops, desktop PCs, awesome keyboards, mice, covering brands such as Microsoft, Lenovo, HP-Compaq on display. Here customers can try out a laptop or keyboard before actually purchasing it.

Croma also offers special schemes to its customers. The store also offers ‘Only at Croma’ products. When we visited the store, the Logitech remote control was one such item that came under the ‘Only at Croma’ offer. This remote works with just about any home appliance, right from the air conditioner to the television.

The Communications section was another one that caught our eye, as counters of ultra-cool phones (all switched on) were on display. Nearby, the MP3 Digital audio counter housed iPods, and many other Digital audio brands such as Transcend. Oh! And how could we forget to mention the sleek PDAs, which we bet nobody can resist going in for.

Next, we moved on to the Imaging section which had printers of all price ranges and capabilities neatly stacked on shelves. Printing accessories such as print cartridges are also available here at Croma.

The Gaming section housed everybody’s favorite gaming console the Xbox 360, which was actually set up for people to play. Also on display and ready to play were the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Sony PlayStation Portable. Besides, shelves of the above mentioned console games as well as computer games are also stocked here. So, gamers are bound to get into a gamer’s haze while spending time in this section.

Croma Store Here at Croma, brands ranging from Creative to Bose can be purchased at the Home Entertainment section. Everything from flat screen televisions to LCD displays covering brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, LG and Hitachi are all available here.

However, we did find the prices a bit too steep. But if you do want the luxury and choice while shopping for consumer electronics and durables all under one roof, then it’s got to be Croma.

As of now, there is only one Croma store in Mumbai. So all you techno-buffs located out of Mumbai, who feel bad on hearing this; fret no more, as there are plans to launch 30 similar Croma tech stores across India. Soon, there will also be a Croma store launched in Chembur, within Mumbai itself. There are also plans of hosting an electronics goods festival in December, said Mr. Vikrant Pal, Zonal Management Operations, Croma.

By the way, as we were from the Press, on leaving through the backdoor of the store, we were literally given the royal frisking treatment! One of our colleagues was even taken aside to be frisked. We understand that Croma’s security levels are extremely high, but being frisked in the same manner as an intruder would have been in an airport, sounds very shady to us.

Croma is surely a haven for gadget freaks, as the store stocks just about everything under the sun when it comes to gadgets, household appliances, computers and all things shiny. In the presence of all those gadgets at the store, you will surely be as overwhelmed, as we were. Trust us on this one and check out the Croma digital lifestyle store. And do stay tuned to this space for an exclusive video that covers the Croma Digital Lifestyle store.