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Critical Strategies To SEO Your Ecommerce Website

seo copywriting Do you want to grow your business online? Then, you should optimize your website to be SEO friendly. Optimization increases the authority of your site, making it easy for clients to find your products. Therefore, eCommerce SEO involves making your eCommerce site visible in the SERPs. Using SEO for your product visibility cost less since you use organic traffic. Read below to learn the key strategies to use in optimizing your website.

Using the Right Keyword

Finding the appropriate keywords is not easy. It involves researching for the right ones for your niche. To achieve better results, you need to use long-tail keywords, those with more than three words. Long-tail keywords target a specific audience. Therefore, how do you use keywords for optimization? You can mention your primary keyword in your met descriptions, product headline, sub-headlines, and image descriptions. Also, use related keywords that help Google rank your page highest.

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However, before using a given keyword, it’s best to research it. Find out the keyword search volume, the cost per click, and the user intent when searching.

The search volume

It tells you how popular the keyword is, the CPC indicates how much individuals pay per click when purchasing it, and the intent indicates what searchers are looking for when they type it.

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For instance, if your CPC is hugely competitive, it’s best to use an alternative long-tail keyword. Since keyword research is time-consuming, you can get help from an experienced ecommerce SEO agency.

Optimize Your Homepage

When optimizing your home page, add the title tag and meta description. Optimize the home page title tag using at least 70 characters and make it appealing for the visitors. The tag should also include the business name and the primary keyword. Make your meta description attractive to potential clients.

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Your home page content needs to educate visitors on the products or services you are selling. It should be clear and precise and should feature your top products.

Design Mobile Friendly Site

You cannot undermine the importance of using a responsive website design. Online shopping is widespread, and using the mentioned design leads to a better user experience. When a client tries to access your site, they find it difficult, they leave fast, leading to a lower ranking of your eCommerce website.

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While at it, ensure that your page loads more quickly. Google ranks fastest loading websites better than the slow ones. Therefore, increase the loading speed by removing unnecessary plugins or add-in and having appropriately sized images. For example, you can save your images as low-quality JPG to avoid bulkiness.

Focus on Product Page Optimization

Your product pages are the backbone of your business; hence they need much focus. Do not make the mistake of writing a few lines and throwing an image; then, you expect results. But you need to include the product name, add the keyword to it, optimize the image, add education videos about your product, have positive customer reviews, and add frequently asked questions specific to the product.

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Creating Back Links

When you use quality backlinks, your website becomes authoritative. Hence, ensure you have many high-quality backlinks. You can get them by guest posting in relevant niches or using a white hat strategy such as offering owners of blogs you are interested in potential blog ideas.

Optimize your website using an eCommerce SEO agency who will research the right keywords, create backlinks, optimize your home and product pages, and design a mobile-friendly platform.

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