Creative ZEN X-Fi Player Info Leaked?

Creative Logo Apparently Creative will be soon coming up with Wi-Fi enabled media player, claims Few details of the new ZEN X-Fi player has been leaked by a website. The new player is expected to have Wi-Fi connectivity.

According to the upcoming ZEN X-Fi player will feature an aluminum-and-chrome look and will have a classy look. Furthermore, a nine-point directional pad and a full QWERTY keyboard would be other attributes of the player.

The rumors say that the forthcoming ZEN player will also incorporate a nine-point directional pad. Moreover, it is also expected to have capability of letting users interact with their friends and relatives through Windows Live or Yahoo Messenger.

Rumors also say that the player will be equipped with an Internet-based media pool which will allow users to access content through Wi-Fi hotspots.

Creative has not revealed any information about the ZEN X-Fi player as of now. However it is expected to release the player around next month.