Creative Zen Stone Plus MP3 Player with 2 GB Memory and Exciting New Features announced

Creative Zen Stone Plus MP3 Player

Around a month back, Creative introduced Zen Stone, a light, affordably-priced 1 GB MP3 player. Now the digital entertainment products’-maker has gone ahead and launched its higher-capacity and more advanced sibling. Called Creative Zen Stone Plus, the new revamped lightweight MP3 player boasts of a 2 GB capacity along with exciting features such as FM radio and voice recording to name a few.

The Zen Stone Plus comes in the same six colors as its predecessor. Black, white, red, blue, pink and green are the six colors that the new MP3 is available in.

The smooth contoured design enables the user to comfortably hold the Zen Stone Plus MP3 player in one’s hand.

Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of Creative said, “On May 3 we introduced a huge new market for MP3 players with the introduction of the Zen Stone, the tiny, featherweight 1GB MP3 player priced at only $39.99.” Hoo added, “Now with the Zen Stone Plus, we give consumers another great choice. For just $69.99, they can have 2GB of memory with a vibrant color screen for access to all their favorite FM radio stations, plus a built-in microphone for voice recording. There’s even a clock, stopwatch, and customizable equalizer settings.”

What’s really nice is that no driver installation is required to add music to the Zen Stone Plus. All you need to do is simply drag and drop up to 500 songs and select the ‘Play’ or ‘Random’ option and voila your Zen Stone Plus is ready to give you the pleasure of up to 9.5 hours of your favorite songs from a single charge of the built-in battery.

The pleasure of the Creative ZEN Stone and Creative Zen Stone Plus can be further enhanced with the Creative TravelSound ZEN Stone, which is a portable speaker system. It’s an ideal companion for music lovers who travel often. It can not be merely held comfortably in the hand but also includes a retractable stand that lets you place the Creative TravelSound ZEN Stone on virtually any flat surface and listen to your favorite music from your docked Creative ZEN Stone or Creative ZEN Stone Plus.

With the help of the micro drivers, this lightweight versatile portable speaker system renders crystal clear sound for over 20 hours of superb entertainment anywhere and everywhere you go, powered by just two AAA alkaline batteries. What’s more, you can even listen to your music at lower volume without batteries as the speaker can operate without the power amplifier.

Further on, users can even personalize their Creative Zen Stone Plus with striking silicone skins that include a clip and are available in five different colors. And there are several cool accessories to further accentuate this MP3 player such as a sporty armband that comes with a skin, a wristband that doubles as a watch band for the clock and stopwatch, and a fashionable keychain with a tiny case that carries the player. The Creative Zen Stone Plus Armband and Skin (black colour) are priced at S$29.00, while the Creative ZEN Stone Plus Keychain Case comes for S$25.00.

You can buy the Creative Zen Stone Plus from,,, Fry’s Electronics,, J&R,,, and for the great low price of only US$69.99. It is slated for a July launch. The Creative TravelSound Zen Stone portable speaker system will cost you another US$39.99 extra.

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