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Creative SBS A300 and A500 Speaker Systems launched in India by Cyberstar Infocom

Creative SBS A300 and SBS A500 Speaker Systems

IT peripheral distributor Cyberstar Infocom, has launched the stylish and powerful Creative SBS A300 and SBS A500 speaker systems in India.

The Creative SBS A300 is a 2.1 speaker system which is perfect for listening to music and gaming on the computer. One can also hook up their MP3 player to the speakers to enjoy a hassle-free audio experience.

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Creative’s SBS A300 speaker system features two satellite speakers and a powerful 11 Watts RMS subwoofer that exudes rich, natural bass and vocal clarity. It has two powerful channels with Satellite speaker power of 5 watts RMS per channel. Moreover, the system’s adjustable bass level control and easy to access knob offers full control over the master volume and bass effects. Plus, the volume control on the right satellite and the subwoofer’s bass knob control enables one to fine-tune music.

The Creative SBS A300 2.1 system has a simple yet sleek design. Besides the two satellite speakers with attached cables, the system comes with a power supply, a ported wood subwoofer, a quick start leaflet, warranty and technical support booklet.

The second pair of speakers that will be launched in India by Cyberstar Infocom is the SBS A500 which has five channels with satellite speaker power of 6 watts RMS per channel.

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This 5.1 speaker system has five satellite speakers and a powerful 17 watt RMS subwoofer that features a 5.25-inch subwoofer driver with built-in amplifiers and an adjustable bass control. The system has one centre satellite speaker with an attached 1.7 cable, two front satellite speakers with attached 1.7m cables, two rear satellite speakers with attached 4m cables, a ported wood subwoofer wit attached wired remote.

The volume control of the Creative SBS A500 is a wired one that comes with LED indication. Moreover, the easily accessible volume and bass control offers the user control over the right amount of bass.

The Creative SBS A500 5,1 speaker system comes with a power supply adapter, a quick start guide and a warranty and technical booklet.

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According to Mr.Raj Rathi, Founder and CEO, Cyberstar Infocom, “By introducing the new array of Creative Speaker Systems with a special introductory price and volume discounts, we hope to further enhance the penetration of Creative speakers in India.”

The Creative SBS S300 and the SBS A500 Speaker Systems are available for a price of Rs.1,999 and Rs.4,699 respectively. They are immediately available in India via Cyberstar Infocom.

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