Creative MuVo T200 4GB MP3 Player Upgraded

Creative MuVo T200 The Creative MuVo T200 decided to go for a revamping with a few technical changes in its storage space. The latest Creative MuVo T200 will introduce itself in 4GB of space as compared to the previous version which stored only 2GB of data.

The Creative MuVo T200 displays a compact 128×32 pixels 65k color screen and measures as sleek as 2.5×7.63×0.86-inches. With a weight of 20.6g, the player features voice recording capability and an integrated FM tuner. The device supports an array of formats like MP3, WMA/WMA (DRM9) and Audible Format 2, 3, 4 files.

Transfer of files is easily done through USB and the same USB port will charge the battery. The Creative MuVo T200 promises a 9 hour battery-life on a single charge via its non-replaceable rechargeable battery.

The 2GB version is up for sale at a price of $49.99 and the newer 4GB MuVo T200 shows off its price tag in Japan at 6980 yen which is approximately $67.38 USD.