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Creative D80 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Creative D80 Bluetooth Speaker

If music and portability (read compact) are two words ringing in your mind then you’d be thrilled to know that the new Creative D80 Bluetooth speaker sings to a similar tune.

Yes, we’ve received the Creative D80 Bluetooth Speaker for review and it definitely takes a step ahead of its predecessor, the D100.

Creative has added a trendy touch to this device in the round bar form factor and a choice of bright peppy colors to choose from.

To know more about this dainty device, run through our analysis of the D80.

On unpacking, a trapezium bar shaped device measuring 12.7″ x 3.93″ x 3.93″ emerged, tipping the scale at around 1Kg.

The rounded edges and curvy back ensure a smooth texture while it is seated on four rubberized feet for that firm grip on the surface.

The front surface is all-grille except for the center which accommodates green LED embedded aux in port, volume control and Bluetooth button.

You’ll also notice the Creative logo atop these controls.

Turn it around to find the main switch and AC mains connector. Besides, the in-box contents include quick start guide and warranty/technical support leaflet.

Creative D80 Speaker

The built quality is decent and the device does not come across low-end or plasticky.

Creative gets dapper with some bright color options (loud for some) like green, pink and blue for the grille and the rear dipped in white.

We’d love to lay our hands on one of those but disappointingly we received the all-black unit.

Nevertheless, it appeared to be quite sophisticated with matte black back and even darker grilles.

Before we delve into setting it up, clear your thoughts about the D80 being an on-the-go portable speakers, because it is not.

You need to power it through AC mains all the time as it does not support battery. You can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device wirelessly or use the aux in port for a wired connection to devices that support the functionality.

We tried to first get it connected via Bluetooth to the Apple iPad 2. And the connection was swift, we must say.

Creative D80 Bluetooth

To get started, connect plug in the AC mains cord for the power and switch on the device with the button embedded on the rear side.

You will notice the green LED glow on the front side. Long press the button and you’ll notice the light starts flashing which means your device is ready to be paired.

Once we paired it with our iPad 2, the LED blinked at steady intervals. Here you are good to go.

We could control the speakers through our iPad 2 within a range of 10m or could be a step further.

The Creative D80 Bluetooth Speaker adheres to Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and A2DP devices.

We also tried a couple of smartphones and the swiftness didn’t noticeably vary.

D80 Bluetooth Speaker

Desktop users could also consider this space saving option. On connecting it to the PC, it came across pretty space saving on a cluttered desk. The Creative D80 houses two 3-inch full range drivers.

Now, these definitely arent the best speakers we’ve come across but the overall listening experience was decent.

With EQ settings handy, you could tweak in a little for better sound. However, the music quality did differ depending on the device that the speakers were connected to.

The speakers are good enough to fill a small to medium room with booming sound but you can’t exactly call it a party companion. However, a movie session would be just fine.

Creative D80


The stylish form and all-black attire made the D80 look quite sophisticated.

This Bluetooth speaker has been affordably priced.


The device needs to be powered through a wall socket all the time and does not support battery.

Our Shout


As we said, the Creative D80 Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t deliver the best in class music but at an affordable price tag of Rs. 2,699 attached, it emits decent tunes.

Although portable, you can’t really carry around the speakers as it needs to be connected to AC mains.

So, those looking for a decent, spacing speaker unit that could connect to their Bluetooth enabled devices and also others through a 3.5mm socket can consider this device. On our rating meter, it has achieved a score of 7 out of 10.