Creative Aurvana Super-light In-ear Noise Isolation Earphones introduced in India

Creative Aurvana In-ear Earphones

Creative has introduced its new Aurvana acoustic in-ear earphones in India which are super-light due to the ergonomic design. Not only that they provide a superior music experience.

The Creative Aurvana in-ear earphones have noise isolation properties that can significantly reduce up to 90% of ambient noise. These earphones also have an ultrasonically sealed enclosure, delivering distortion-free audio.

Plus, they are powered by efficient Balanced Armature drivers, making the Aurvana earphones acoustically tuned to provide exceptional audio quality.

The Aurvana earphones are made of hypoallergenic and durable silicon and this effectively shields out unwanted noises. Not only that; the AuraSealnoise isolation technology also delivers the most in audio quality.

Another great feature of the Creative Aurvana in-ear earphones is that they are really light, weighing in at just 13g.

The Creative Aurvana in-ear earphone bundle includes three different sizes of silicon rubber earphones to guarantee a perfect fit for all.

The cable-fit slider not only allows the user to change the length of the cable but also helps to reduce the microphonics. This lessens unnecessary disturbances that occur when the cable brushes against one’s clothes.

The Creative Aurvana in-ear earphone bundle also includes an airplane adaptor that enables users to listen to music even while flying. Then there’s the cleaning tool that quite obviously makes it easy to keep them clean.

The Aurvana bundle also includes a sleek travel case with integrated cable management unit that promises tangle-free storage of the earphones while the silicon rubber base prevents accidental slippage on tabletops.

The Creative Aurvana in-ear earphones are priced at Rs.3,999 and come with a one year warranty. It will be distributed by Cyberstar Infocom and India Digital Life Style.