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Crazy iPhone case from OnePlus now in India

OnePlus iPhone Case

Remember how OnePlus recently went ahead and introduced a case for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 handsets? Yes, that has indeed happened, and this sandstone material cover has now found its way into India via the company’s regular retail channel, Amazon.

This new product from OnePlus is strange in more ways than one. Some believe it is an attempt from the Chinese company to get iPhone users to experience the sandstone surface which its smartphones possess, in the hopes that they might get attracted to them.

While that seems like a far-fetched attempt, a more believable theory is that OnePlus is trying to troll Apple in a big way. These cases manage to cover the Apple logos on the backs of the iPhones, and show the OnePlus logo instead. Pure iPhone fans will hence hate these cases a great deal.

Anyway, the OnePlus Sandstone Case fits the iPhone 6 as well as the 6S model, and has its price set at Rs 1499. The company claims that this case offers protection as well as a better grip for owners of the Apple smartphones.

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Recently, the company also introduced the Ceramic model of its OnePlus X in India via Amazon. It carries the same specs as those of its original variant, but grabs a different material that warrants a Rs 6000 premium over its price. You still need an invite if you wish to purchase the handset for yourself though.

Thankfully, that’s not the case with the OnePlus Sandstone Case which is being sold right now on Amazon invite-free. Like we said, its price has been set by its makers at Rs 1499.


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