17 Crazy facts about Apple

2# Apple logo used to be upside down

Apple was faced with a conundrum of sorts when it introduced the PowerBook and iBook in the 1990s. If the logo on the lid was upside down from the user’s point of view, they would apparently keep trying to open the laptop from the wrong side. But spinning it around by 180 degrees meant onlookers would see an upside down Apple logo.

It was a case of usability versus aesthetics (and publicity). Usability won. But the decision was reversed a few years later. No matter what Steve Jobs felt, people, are not so stupid as to be unable to get it right after a couple of tries. This is why you’ll catch Apple notebooks with an upside down company logo in some older Hollywood movies.

# Apple has a team of carpenters on call

In Adam Lashinsky’s book titled ‘Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works,’ he reveals that the tech industry’s most notoriously tight-lipped company has carpenters on call to erect doors or walls, frost windows and set up windowless ‘lock-down’ rooms. When carpenters start shuffling around, employees know some big product is being developed.

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