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6 CrashPlan Alternatives

CrashPlan Alternatives

Investing in a good CrashPlan alternative is vital especially if you want to backup all your irreplaceable content. If you were quizzed about your worst fears, one of the scariest things on that list would most definitely be losing all your precious documents and data stored on your PC, laptop or portable device. Well, here are some great options that will help you strike this one off your list. You can put an end to this anxiety by opting for any of the following solutions. Take a peek.

1 – Mozy:


This interesting software brings along a few comprehensive subscriptions that will help you safely store all your vital home or business documents. If you’re looking for a solution that backs up personal files like home videos, tax records, music, and photos, you can pick up the MozyHome plan. The Pro version of the utility is great for storing business information and financial data or any other important digits that you simply can’t afford to lose. Then there’s also a MozyEnterprise scheme fashioned for large organizations.

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Some of the features that are common with the trio read as a local backup, automatic or scheduled backups, bandwidth throttling, file encryption and desktop/laptop support for Mac OS X and Windows. The Home and Pro versions are priced at $5.99 and $19.99, respectively. What’s more, there are even iOS and Android applications for exploiting this service via your portable device.

2 – Carbonite:


This online backup solution in our apps like CrashPlan roster extends its services to both Mac OS X and Windows users. It aids in encrypting desired information bits and automatically performing backups offsite. ‘From financials to family photos,’ everything that matters to you gets stored safely online. As far as the different subscriptions are concerned, there are 2 sets that read as Home & Home Office and Business. Roped in within the former section is a trio of offers – Home, HomePlus and HomePremier which are priced at $59, $99 and $149 per year, respectively.

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Moving onto the latter, you can avail of 2 options – Business and BusinessPremier which are tagged at $229 and $599 per year, respectively. Additionally, there are dedicated Android and iOS applications that enable on-the-go users to back up all their vital documents stored in their portable devices as well as gain access to those stored online. The software also offers a 15-day free trial of the Home version.

3 – Backblaze:


Securely backup all your data offsite with this next innovative gem. Your PC or laptop can be subjected to different dangers such as hard drive crashes, a nasty virus, coffee spills, or being accidentally left behind at the airport or in a taxi, all of which result in extensive data loss. With this software in place, you won’t have to worry about any such woe as all your information and content will be automatically backed up.

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Built to please Mac OS X and Windows system owners, the multilingual program proffers hassle-free backup for just under $4 a month for 2 years and under $5 a month for 1 year. There’s even a dedicated iPhone app that enables you to download backup files from your computers and external drives, and even share the same with Twitter, Facebook, and other applications.

4 – JungleDisk:


Worried about losing your personal and business data? Well, with this service like CrashPlan within your grasp, you need not fret about facing any such scenario. You can seamlessly backup your data and gain access to the same from any web browser or sync it with all your computers. There are 2 types of price subscriptions offered here namely, Business Class and Personal. While the former comprises of Workgroup and Server editions that are tagged at $4 and $5 per month, respectively, the latter features Simply Backup and Desktop Edition for $2 and $3, respectively.

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As the developer reveals, each scheme is slapped with extra individual storage fees. And if you own an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can download a free app to remotely manage all your stored content as well as backup snaps, music, videos and more from your iOS gadget to your account.

5 – Dropbox:


The tagline attached to this software reads as, ‘your stuff, anywhere.’ And rightly so, you can easily store all your desired content in one place and access the same from different platforms like PCs, tablets, and smartphones. What’s more, you can also edit documents and add pictures to your online collection while waiting at the airport lounge or riding the bus.

It’s even a good option to turn to for sharing videos and photos with loved ones. When you sign up here, you’ll be greeted with 2GB storage space which can be increased by choosing a Premium account. And as expected, you’ll be able to acquire dedicated mobile applications for various devices.

6 – SpiderOak:


Our final site like CrashPlan is noted to be a US-based online backup tool that lets you store, sync and access your vital files and folders anywhere, anytime. It employs a zero-knowledge privacy policy and reaches out to Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux PC owners. The free version comes complete with 2GB free storage space as well as full-featured backup and access via unlimited computers.

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There’s also a Plus edition that provides 100GB+ which is tagged at $10 and $100 for a month and year, respectively. You can even find iOS and Android applications for the same.


‘Life is digital. Back it up,’ suggests the software in question here. With this one in your sights, you could back up all your precious data to any other computer, hard drive or remote servers. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris, it forayed onto the scene with a few schemes that allowed you to store all your personal, business and enterprise-related data. However, this software isn’t the only delight on the block that offers such a service.

Any of the aforesaid options in our CrashPlan alternatives lineup will help you breathe a sigh of relief instead of being filled with grief if anything should happen to your PC or laptop. Each one is infused with different price schemes and features so explore them all and tell us which one you picked.