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Cover for Android customizes phone’s homescreen based on your location

The Cover lockscreen application for Android gadgets is for all those of you who have multiple apps on your phones and are always fumbling through the app drawer to search for a particular utility. It replaces the default lockscreen and recognizes your location to display relevant options, thus helping you save up on precious time.

The developers of the application claim that it learns the time at which you use certain utilities and automatically puts them on the screen. This is not all that difficult considering that a number of utilities are context-specific. For example, weather apps are most probably used in the morning, while people use maps when they are driving. Similarly, productivity tools are launched during work and social networks are visited at night.

Cover For Android

As people use different types of apps at different times of the day, the application keeps tabs on the usage habits and accordingly displays them on the homescreen. And one of the advantages of Cover is that it does not ask you to configure it in anyway. All you have to do is provide your home and work addresses and it takes care of the rest. Moreover, the utility takes the assistance of the Android gadget’s gyroscope and accelerometer to feel the motion of the car and automatically brings maps, traffic and music apps to the fore.

You can select different wallpapers and ringer volumes for each location and take a look at important applications through the lockscreen itself. You can launch an app by simply swiping your finger across the screen. Additionally, you are also given the option of jumping from one app to the other.

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Cover has exclusively been developed for the Android platform and is currently in the invite-only beta stage. Interested users can sign up to get an invite and the developers say it is coming soon to the Google Play store.