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Cortana ready to hit your iPhone next

After having been released for Android devices, the Cortana digital assistant app from Microsoft is all set to make its way into iOS devices soon. Its makers have announced a beta for the service, which will be released in the coming weeks.

Of course, just like the Android version of the app, the iOS variant too will feature some restrictions on major features. These include the ‘Hey Cortana’ hotword detection to wake her up. Besides, the first public release will only be available in the US and China.

As for the features you’ll indeed be able to take advantage of, they include sending emails, scheduling events, using Bing search and more. The iOS app will also allow you to set alarms and reminders with your voice, moreover.


On Apple’s platform, Cortana has Siri to compete with. The Cupertino giant’s very own digital assistant offers similar functionality, and even responds to the ‘Hey Siri’ voice command by waking up from sleep mode.

But Microsoft is hoping to distinguish Cortana from Siri by highlighting its learning capabilities. As and when you use the service, it learns certain things about you and tailors further results in accordance to that data. This way, it keeps getting better at its work every day.

Cortana was introduced last year, and has been integrated into all major Microsoft platforms now, except for the Xbox One. However, the home console is all set to receive it via an update that’s supposed to go live later this month.

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The beta will only be made available for a limited number of iOS users at first, but will later be released for more people. Those interested in trying it out can take this short survey, and wait to be sent the link to download it.