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CordCruncher tangle-free headphones up for pre-order

CordCruncher Headphones

Described as ‘the world’s only tangle-free headphones,’ the CordCruncher accessory has now gone live for pre-order. For a price of $20, potential users can book a unit which is expected to ship starting in May 2012.

Giving users complete control of the headphones’ cable length, the company has wrapped it within an elastic sleeve. With this, the cord can be adjusted from a length of 16 inches to a maximum of 3.5 feet. Said to be ideal for carrying to the gym, on workouts and other activities, the accessory should cater well to the needs of audiophiles.

“The CordCruncher Headphone literally wraps up the music experience for those who are tired of fussing over jumbled and knotted ear-bud cords. The CordCruncher can be easily crunched after use for hassle-free storage in a gym bag, or stylishly worn as a bracelet or necklace between uses. The CordCruncher headphone is practical and fun,” commented Jay Johnson, president at CordCruncher.

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In addition to what we’ve already listed out, the technology used to create this offering is said to be a hypo-allergenic material which is apparently 99.9 percent protein-free. And to deliver the proper sound experience, the earbuds employed should be good enough for deriving decent quality bass and treble. When the need for music isn’t present, it can also be used as any other accessory like a wrist band or a necklace. The tangle-free headphones come drenched in bright hues of rocket red, pearl blue and iGizmo white.

The CordCruncher tangle-free headphones pre-order price amounts to $20. And as mentioned earlier, a unit can be reserved through Kickstarter.