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Copy and paste now possible in iPhone with Open Clip

Last month it was reported as a rumor and now it is finally available. The Apple iPhone will now feature the most wanted copy and paste function. However the feature does not come from Apple.

Open Clip logo Apparently, Zac White, an applications developer has released his ‘Open Clip application to provide the iPhone users with copy/paste options (not cut/paste). “Apple has a priority list of features, and we got as far as we could down that list,” said Apple’s iPod and iPhone Marketing Chief Greg Joswiak in an attempt to explain the absence of certain features in iPhone.

As per the Apple’s SDK rules, no application can write files in space other than its own however it can read files from other spaces. White’s Open Clip takes advantage of this SDK rule. However, it works with only those applications that support the Open Clip since it is not part of the iPhone framework.

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“However, there are some limitations,” White wrote on his blog, reports TG Daily. “This technically complies with all Apple agreements. It is completely possible that apps that use this wouldn’t get on the App Store. Not for any real reason other than it will eventually step on Apple’s toes. It is also conceivable that the technology this is built on will break in the future. The hope is that the update that breaks this also brings copy and paste support.”

The Open Clip application for iPhone is offered as a free download to users.

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