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This cool tag keeps track of your lost valuables

You'll never lose your keys again with the Yoky Tag

Yoky Tag

We’ve all experienced that sudden moment of panic when we realize we’ve forgotten our keys and have no idea where it could be. A Bengaluru-based startup has now launched a cool new gadget called the Yoky Tag to make sure you get it back.

The underlying principle behind the Yoky Tag is simple. The tiny product can be attached to valuables like keys or a wallet and then connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth BLE. It sort of works like a portable computer disguised as a keychain, running a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor to power its operations.

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Gida, the brains behind the Yoky Tag, has also equipped the wireless device with a 500mAh battery which it guarantees can last for an entire year. The company’s app is compatible with iOS 8 and Android 4.3 and above. Once downloaded, you can monitor the location of up to 8 tags at a time and set customizable alert tones to find your phone or your tag.

The Yoky Tag’s Bluetooth range extends up to 150 feet and alerts you if you leave your stuff behind. It even records the last known location of your possession using your phone’s GPS. There’s also a neat Crowd GPS option which securely updates the position of your item if someone from the Yoky community comes within range of it.

Apart from making sure you never lose track of your objects ever again, the Yoky Tag further functions as a simple Pedometer which can keep an eye on fitness stats like distance walked and calories burned. It also boasts of water resistance up to 1 ATM so you won’t have to worry about it malfunctioning in rainy weather.

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The Yoky Tag is currently up for sale on the company’s official site priced at Rs 999. You can customize the device using waterproof vinyl stickers on the front and back, with the added option of uploading your own snap to personalize the gadget.