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Cool software to transfer content from Live Mail to Outlook

email Today, the mail boxes contain much important data, especially for businesses. People save valuable information in emails. When the user switches from one mailbox to another, the transmission of information is not that easy.

The efficient information transfer can be done only with the help of the professional software. If you want to transfer the materials from Live Mail to Outlook, Outlook Transfer Tool is the right for you. If you want to get the windows live mail to outlook download it from the internet. You can test the software for free.


The Main Characteristics of the Outlook Transfer

The software to transfer the content from one mailbox to another costs money. However, it is absolutely worth paying due to:

  • Conversion of files from .eml to PST. The files in Live Mail are saved in .eml format. The Microsoft Outlook, on the contrary, supports PST files. The program will convert the files into the necessary format to start working with them in Outlook.
  • Accurate import of files. Professional program will convert your files accurately to any folder. That is important to remember. There is no chance the data can be damaged.
  • Support of email storage of any size. With Outlook Transfer, you can get the information transferred from mailbox of any size.
  • User-friendly software. Even a regular user of the PC can master the program and transfer the files. No additional skill is needed.
  • Support of all the versions of the Microsoft. You can easily transmit the content from the older Microsoft to the new version.

These characteristics make Outlook Transfer one of the best software available to transmit the data. Get the free trials first and enjoy subscription later on. You will discover all the benefits of the program.

The Price Packages

If you decide that the Outlook Transfer is the right program for you, than you need to subscribe to one of four available packages. For private purposes you can use:

  • Online package. This is the very basic package. It can be good for small size files transfer. The price is $4.96 per month. If you need to transmit files for private use, this Plan is the right for you.
  • Home License is more advanced package. It will allow you to transfer bigger amount of information. Pay attention that it allows you to transmit only private information.

For business purposes, the next packages are offered:

  • Business License. This package is ideal for corporate use. You can transmit not only your personal data, but staff data as well. The package is offered with extended multilingual support.
  • Technical License is the most expensive package. It is offered at 365 dollars per year. You will get special support. This package enables you to transfer unlimited amount of data.

Decide what package is the most suitable for you. Whatever you choose, you will for sure find out how beneficial Outlook Transfer is.