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8 Cool Apps For Android

Cool Apps For Android

The Android Market does stock up on thousands of cool apps for Android devices, but we have decided to compile a comprehensive list of 8 from among the plethora of options available. Besides making you say ‘wow’, these applications score brownie points for their usefulness too. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look to find out for yourself.

1 – Carrr Matey:

Carrr Matey

If you constantly tend to forget where you parked your car, then Carrr Matey is meant just for you. This app utilizes the GPS function of your Android device to guide you back to where you parked your vehicle with the help of a compass or by giving you walking directions. And you can also use the timer function to park at meters. But what’s so cool about it? Well, it features a pretty cool pirate theme. Dropping an anchor and finding your vessel on the treasure map should bring some much needed adventure on an otherwise boring weekday.

Price: Free

2 – Androidify:


So you too are a fan of the robot that peeks at you from your Android device, like countless others? Catering to this taste is the next applicant in our roster of apps for Android. It will let you Androidify your pictures into that cute little green creature and show off your creative skills by adding hoodies, hairstyles, pirate hats and more to it.

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And if you don’t want your face to appear green, it gives you an option to throw in some colors in order to create a personalized Android avatar of you and your friends.

Price: Free

3 – Rotary Dialer Free:

Rotary Dialer Free

Retro-styled stuff seems to be the latest entrant into the cool brigade. And if you find the things from the days of yore cool enough, install this Rotary Dialer and invoke memories of the past. It turns the familiar dialer on your handset into one of those that featured on telephones of the twentieth century. The app has six different themes as well as sound effects, along with an option to turn them off if you wish. This rotary dialer is also complete with functions like backspace and reset, amongst others.

Price: Free

4 – Google Goggles:

Google Goggles

With the Google Goggles tool installed in your Android handset, you can launch a search into the real world simply by going snap-happy via your camera. This particular application in the Android Market utilizes image recognition technology to identify objects you have captured, to come up with appropriate results. Be it popular images, products, storefronts, famous landmarks or artwork, the app covers it all. It also translates words from languages like English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, German and Portuguese.

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The software further allows you to find product information by scanning barcodes and QR codes or translate words, add contacts, recognize stuff and even solve Sudoku puzzles by taking pictures of them.

Price: Free

5 – Where’s My Droid:

Wheres My Droid

All those of you who end up losing your phone quite often, should really give this application in our array of apps for Android a try. The highlight of this software is that it will track your handset even if it is on silent mode. It requires a custom attention word that needs to be texted to your phone in case you misplace it, and the ringer volume is automatically turned up so that it chimes to grab your attention.

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You can also acquire the exact GPS location of your device. The pass code protection ensures there is no unauthorized access and you can easily control it from WheresMyDroid.com. It will also let you know if the SIM card or the phone number has been changed.

Price: Free

6 – Shazam:


Knowing all about music can really make you sound cool while hanging out with friends. And with the Shazam application installed in your device, it will tell you all about a certain song or an artist of your desire. Simply hold your phone up to a sound source or hum the tune into the phone, and the app will bring all the related information of the track, right to your fingertips.

YouTube video

You can also share these songs on social networking websites or get the lyrics and the video. And what’s more, you can find out if an artist is in town and get concert tickets directly from the app itself.

Price: Free

7 – PhotoFunia:


This photo editing tool listed in our assortment of apps for Android promises some fun filled experiences with your pictures. You can create billboards, stamps, artwork or a number of other things by pasting your face over 150 scenes that the application makes available for you.

YouTube video

And no, you won’t have to cut or paste images onto these scenes as it finds your face from the picture and integrates it without any help.

Price: Free

8 – Floating Image:

Floating Image

And after you are done making funny images using the PhotoFunia application, here’s a software that adds to the cool factor by offering a totally different way of viewing these pictures. Images from your phone as well as social networking websites like Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and more, float across the screen of your Android device in a steady stream.

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Additionally, the developer says the menu button on this tool conceals a number of exciting attributes. So try using it to find some more cool stuff from in there.

Price: Free

The aforementioned delights are just some of the cool apps for Android available in the Market. Do give us your verdict once you are done using them and keep us in the loop about any others you might have thought deserved a mentioned here.