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Cookoo watch unveiled, maps smartphone alerts to wrist

CD Cookoo Watch

ConnecteDevice has come up with the cookoo watch, a simple wrist-mounted solution to receive smartphone alerts unobtrusively. Described by the company as ‘wearable technology that extends your smartphone to your wrist,’ the device is a Bluetooth-enabled timepiece which can sync with a phone.

Aimed at helping to manage a connected life, the watch will give wearers updates in real-time based on what is happening on their phones. It can alert users when they receive a call, a text message, a Facebook message and a calendar notification among other things, through Bluetooth Smart technology.

Using the Connected App, users can customize as well as prioritize all alerts to show only pertinent information. The watch displays various icons corresponding to the action to be taken or the alert received, and invokes users’ attention with a discrete beep or vibration.

CD Cookoo Watch 2

And this analog device’s capabilities go beyond simply alerting the wearer. It can be used to tag a user’s location on the Connected Apps map, find the phone hooked up to it or remotely take a picture. And if the notifications need to be toned down, the ‘Ack’ button mutes all audible alerts and turns vibration on or off.

To be able to kick off the project, the developers need a total pledge of $150,000. This far, they’ve got $103,059 from 1,180 backers with 40 days to go. So it looks like a very achievable target. And there are some nifty rewards for contributing patrons. Those who pledge $200 will receive one numbered green and black special edition watch with a certificate of authenticity and a free Android or iOS app, plus free shipping in the US.

The cookoo watch will come in several colors including black on black, white on black, blue on black, brushed stainless on black, and green on black which is a special Kickstarter edition. Expected retail prices are $99.95, with the blue and white editions’ price standing at $129.95.