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Converting MP4 Videos to WMV Using Movavi Video Converter

Although MP4 is a format that is close to universally compatible and widely-used across various devices and platforms – in some cases, you may come across situations where it isn’t suitable, and you need to convert your video into WMV instead. Usually, the reason for this is because older Microsoft software solely supports WMV, which may limit your options.


The good news is that it isn’t difficult to convert any MP4 video to WMV using Movavi Video Converter, and you can get the job done in a matter of minutes. That being said you should be prepared for the fact that your video is likely to be larger if you’re converting it from MP4 with H.264 to WMV.

How to Convert MP4 Video to WMV

After you install and launch Movavi Video Converter, the first thing you’ll need to do is add the MP4 video that you want to convert to it. In the central working area you should see a prompt directing you to drag files (or folders) and drop them there, or if you prefer you could click on the ‘Add Media’ button and select ‘Add Video’ instead.

After you’ve added the video, it will be listed in Movavi Video Converter, and you can then select the format that you want to convert it to – in this case, WMV. To do that open up the ‘Video’ tab in the lower section and select the ‘WMV’ category, then choose any one of the presets that you feel is appropriate based on your requirements.

If you’d like Movavi Video Converter to save the WMV video to a specific folder once it is converted, click on the ‘folder’ icon next to the ‘Save to’ field and set up the destination folder. Afterward (or otherwise), click ‘Convert’ to begin converting the video from MP4 to WMV.

Overall the conversion itself shouldn’t take long, and due to Movavi Video Converter’s ‘SuperSpeed’ technology it should be as fast as copying and pasting the video file. After it is done, the folder where it was saved will open up, and you can open the video to check that it was converted successfully.

While making it easy to convert videos quickly and effectively is Movavi Video Converter’s primary function, it does have a lot of other features too. It can convert audio and image files, create animated GIFs, extract audio tracks, grab screenshots, compress video file sizes or even edit videos by trimming them, enhancing their quality, fixing any issues, adding captions, and more.

Although you may not need these features if all you’re interested in is converting the format of your video from MP4 to WMV, if you’re preparing your video for use in a PowerPoint presentation or some other purpose – they may come in handy. Simply put it is worth exploring all of Movavi Video Converter’s features when you have the time, as they’ll expand your options when handling videos as well as other media files.