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Convert DVD to MP4 more speedily with this full GPU accelerated DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

DVDs used to be a huge deal not too long ago, but with the advent of streaming platforms, that has changed completely. With your old discs now gathering dust, you must be wondering what to do with them. If you’re impressed by the idea of restoring the films and TV shows from your DVDs as MP4 files to watch offline on your laptop or even your smartphone, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is just the right tool for you.

Depending upon the number of DVDs you have on your racks, this tool can save you quite some cash which you’d normally spend on your Netflix and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions. Once you’ve converted your discs into MP4s, you can cancel your subscriptions for some time, and enjoy offline content just like you did in the days gone by. This particular program also comes to great use if you wish to conserve the content from DVDs that have gotten damaged over the years.

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If you happen to be a content creator who wishes to insert clips from popular films into your videos, such a program will come as a savior. Once you’ve backed up all your DVDs onto your hard drive, you can easily insert clips from them into your videos, thus saving a whole lot of time you would normally have spent fiddling with conversion software.

DVD Ripper Meme

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum not just allows you to grab MP4 versions of your favorite DVDs, but also lets you convert them into H.264, AVI, HEVC, MPEG, MOV, M2TS and other formats. This ensures that you can play them on any device, be it Apple, Android or Windows. And it does so without any notable quality loss.

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But the main highlight of this software is how fast it is able to convert your DVDs. It prides itself on being a hardware accelerated DVD ripper. And it’s also the only such program to offer level-3 hardware acceleration. To describe it in one sentence, hardware acceleration refers to the offloading of compute-intensive operations from the CPU to the GPU to speed up the process.

While most other DVD ripping programs out there are offering level-1 hardware acceleration, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum has adopted the level-3 standard quite boldly. The higher standard means that the processing is powered by Nvidia CUDA/NVENC and Intel QSV technologies. This speeds up the ripping process by at least 50 percent while keeping maximum video quality.

WinX Level 3 Hardware Acceleration

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This even helps those with low-end PCs. With level-3 hardware acceleration, even they can convert a DVD into an MP4 file in under 5 minutes. So if there’s one thing that distinguishes this program from its competitors, it’s definitely the level-3 hardware acceleration. If you have large DVD collections that you wish to convert to MP4s, you’d be saving a huge amount of time by using this program.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum comes with support for four different copy modes. First is 1:1 DVD to ISO, second is DVD folder copy, third is main title copy and the fourth is full title copy. Another important use of this tool is for grabbing specific portions from a DVD video. This is done with the crop/trim function helps you save a lot of time.

Since most DVDs come with different audio tracks for language dubs and director’s commentaries, DVD Ripper Platinum gives you the option to extract those as well. What’s more, it even takes care of various DRM encryptions. Whether it’s 99 protection or Disney X-project DRM, this software is able to bypass all those restrictions easily.

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How to Convert DVD to MP4 with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

As for how it works, once you download and install it, a simple interface greets you. We should tell you that the interface itself is helpful enough to easily get you started. You can insert the DVD you wish to rip into the drive and click on the DVD button. The next step is selecting the output profile. This section houses presets for a wide variety of formats and resolutions, and even features small levers beside them to let you choose whether you want your video to be high or low in quality.

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The next stage involves selecting the audio channel. The program manages to decode all the tracks in a particular DVD to let you choose the one you want in your final file. If you want more than one audio track, you can just follow the same process again and choose the other in this attempt.

Once these selections are made, you would want to take a look at the Hardware Accelerator section and make sure it is selected. The program also furthermore lets you choose the number of CPU cores you wish to employ for your operation. All that’s remaining now is pressing the big blue ‘Run’ button. In no time, your DVD will be converted into a digital file and placed in your desired output folder.

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As you’ll see, the top of the interface also houses buttons for ISOs and Folders. That’s where you need to click in case you have your DVDs backed up in those formats. The rest of the process is, of course the same.

$39.95 is what you have to pay to get yourself a copy of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. And in case you’re looking for a free DVD ripper, you can download its trial version, which has limited capabilities, but lets you have a good look at all its features.

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