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Contest for Next-gen Multimedia Search Engine announced by Singapore Agency

Fusionpolis Logo The Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research has announced a global contest to search for the best next-generation multimedia online search engine.

The search for the best multimedia online search engine will go on for eight months. The organizers of the contest aim to lure top software engineers as well as researchers with a grand price of $10,000 in cash.

Basically, the contest requires participants to create a search engine that can identify search terms found not only in text within a Web site, but also in music and video as well.

This competition is aimed at creating a search engine that works across each and every multimedia platform, mainly Web 2.0, and user-generated content web sites like Facebook and YouTube.

According to Lim Chuan Poh, chairman of The Agency for Science, Technology and Research, “Developing such search capabilities will radically change the way people interact with multi-media information, creating seamless and accessible platforms for people across different online communities.”

The top five teams will then be flown all the way to Singapore for the finals at Fusionpolis a science and technology research centre scheduled to open in October 2008. The panel will consist of international advisory.

The last date for application is February 29, 2008.