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Containership Powersupply ships away the Power Chords

Containership Powersupply Ships represent power and a respectable command and taking a leaf from the same design, Containership Powersupply presents itself by providing power to your computers and miscellaneous gadgets. Designed by Jess Giffin and Jim TerMeer from giffin’termeer and produced with the help of kikkerland, the device emits great power and also provides a sturdy use.

The Containership Powersupply promises a great endurance and avoids the clutter of wires by consolidating them into one area of the powersupply. Measuring around 20″x3.5″x5″, the powerful gadget wraps around itself with a cast rubber body over a metal chassis. It seems that the shape of the ship has been taken to represent the strength and endurance of the gadget. Taking a closer look at the pictures it seems like there are 6 sockets on the device which is sufficient enough to attach in many gadgets.

The Containership Powersupply fits into your household like any other powersupply gadget and does not assure of adding any style to your living space as the ugly wires from other gadgets is sure to rob its beauty. There is an expectation for this device to be manufactured out of Shanghai and then deported to various parts of the country and there is no clarity on its availability or price as yet.