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Comparium: A reliable cross-browser web testing application


Website development is a job that’s made complex by the high number of browsers available out there that are constantly getting updated. But in order to stay on top, developers usually take the services of cross-browser web testing applications. Today we’re going to be talking about one such tool called Comparium that is all set to be launched later this year. It’s a modern and versatile website testing tool that can scan and test your site on a daily basis, no matter how many dozens of web pages it has been equipped with. And it will also provide you with valuable statistics pointing out the changes needed to be made in order to get things right.

There are several uses of website testing, but the main one is that it lets you know if your site is being rendered wrongly on users’ machines. For some clients, bad user experience on their website can be the difference between good business and bad business, which makes it incredibly important for them to have such a tool by their side. Not just the team that’s building the website, but also the quality assurance and design teams can get involved in this process early on to ensure nothing goes wrong only because the site is not being rendered properly on a particular browser.

Broswer Support

Comparium will be rolled out in phases, and the first version is aimed at being a barebones web application offering the basics needed for cross-browser web testing. Not only will it save the time you’d normally spend opening your site in every browser, but it will also offer screenshots and other important details that will surely increase the efficiency of the process. And there’s no need to mention that all the browsers will be tested on all popular operating systems as well, to eliminate the possible errors that might arise in such scenarios.

Version 1 of Comparium will be offered completely free of cost, and will comprise of a simple process on the client’s end. All they need to do is provide their URL and their email ID. When all the data is ready, it will be delivered to the client on email, complete with screenshots of all the pages. It’s this simplicity that will really appeal to those who are looking for such a tool.

But the makers of course, don’t want to stop at just that. According to their plan, version 2 of the software will come with support for Selenium scripts. Selenium is a portable framework for testing web applications, which grants you a playback tool for authoring functional tests without needing to learn a test scripting language. This is an important tool to have if you wish to test your websites on modern browsers and operating systems.


Version 2.5 of Comparium is planned to be a big release, as it will be equipped with real-time web testing on a virtual desktop in any version of any browser. Support for a number of uncommon browsers will also be added in this version. And it is at version 3 that paid plans will be introduced. The company currently intends to offer free, Pro and Enterprise editions, to suit the needs of different clients. This version will also provide users with access to the API.

Browsers and devices are evolving on a daily basis, which means cross-browser website testing is a major avenue that must be delved into by those who are building websites. Once you take this route, you can rest assured that users are getting a consistent experience irrespective of the browser or operating system they are on. And if there are any bugs that need to be fixed, such a program will notify you quickly, so that you can start working on it before it’s noticed by many people.

Like we said, Comparium is set to be launched later this year. You can sign up on its official site right now to get notified about its process.