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6 Common Contact Form Complaints From Visitors

website ux design When a site owner creates a form for visitors, the goal is for visitors to fill it out. The reality is that this isn’t a guarantee, and online businesses need to understand why visitors are leaving those forms empty. To do that, it’s important to understand the most common complaints regarding site forms.

#1 – Need Isn’t Explained

No online user loves to give out personal information. When people do give it up, they need a good reason to offer this information.

Perhaps the reason people keep leaving a company’s forms empty is that the visitor doesn’t understand why that information is required.

It’s vital to only ask questions associated with the business. On top of that, businesses may want to add why certain questions are asked to make it clear to visitors.

#2 – Too Many Questions

questions Asking the right questions is good, but people don’t want too many of them. Online users have a very short attention span. On top of that, they are being asked to do something they prefer not to do.

This is a deadly combination, so it’s important to cut the questions down to the bare minimum. The shorter the online form, the more folks will be willing to fill it out. If companies don’t do this, then visitors will never start the form or finish it.

If the form must be long, it’s wise to use a conversational form that mimics a conversation rather than just a plain old form. This helps keep visitors engaged. Thankfully, companies can find this or another WordPress form plugin depending on the need.

#3 – No Clarity Afterwards

One thing online businesses are attempting to do is convert visitors into real customers. The form created for the site could be making that nearly impossible.

When a form is complete, there should be a form submission confirmation. This isn’t always the case and visitors hate that. After filling out an entire form and giving up so much information, people want to know what’s next, and they want to see an acceptance.

Site owners need to create a submission confirmation page telling visitors what to expect next.

#4 – No Easy Way to Recognize Errors

website error 404 Another big reason online users leave a form unfinished is if they aren’t able to recognize where the error has occurred. Yes, errors occur, and online users aren’t sure how to fix them.

These are usually small typos here and there. Still, these errors won’t allow visitors to finish the form and turn it in. It’s a frustrating thing, and most online users will simply give up on the form if they can’t easily figure out what’s going on.

The only solution to this issue is smart fields that highlight errors and even suggest corrections. Folks will find it more pleasing to fill out a form that makes everything easier. Besides, receiving correct information from customers is vital.

#5 – Contact Form Not Found

Not Found Error Surprisingly, one reason many online users don’t fill out online forms is that they can’t find them. Even if site builders think the contact form is easy to find, they should make sure it is.

On top of that, there should be multiple links that take users to the form throughout the site. A good way to see if this is the problem users are having is to have the site tested by real users.

Doing a test like this could be costly since these users are usually paid to test sites, but a lot of valuable information could be given. Besides, if a business is losing potential leads because they can’t find the form, then that business can’t afford to not figure out the issue.

#6 – Don’t Understand Something

Every so often, the reason folks don’t fill out a form or don’t finish is that they didn’t understand something. Maybe a question was too vague for them or something like that.

Maybe their answer is a little more complicated, and they don’t know how to input that information into the form. Either way, visitors might give up on the form because they don’t know what to do. The good thing is that instant help could be provided to visitors who need help.

Site builders could add a tooltip next to the question to explain further. Site owners could also use a chatbot or maybe live support to help out visitors in need.

These are some of the complaints visitors have about online forms, but there are more of them. Some folks cite security concerns, and that could be addressed by adding security features and seals. Hopefully, this information helps businesses find a way to improve their online forms.