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Commodore Gaming PCs to make a re-entry in the PC Gaming scene at CeBIT 2007

Commodore Gaming PCs coming Soon

The Commodore brand of personal computers is slated to hit the shelves once again. Commodore Gaming has announced that it will launch a new breed of gaming PCs at the CeBIT show in Germany on March 15, 2007.

According to Bala Keilman, CEO for Commodore Gaming, “25 years ago, Commodore launched the best selling personal computer of the late 20th Century, the C64, and defined the early computer games experience for millions of people worldwide. We are privileged and excited to bring the Commodore brand back to the gaming community and mark a new chapter in its history with this exceptional machine. We’re sure that it will deliver what gamers need and want.”

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The new Commodore PCs optimized for gaming will be first displayed at CeBIT, where attendees will get a sneak peak of the same and will be offered the chance to play the latest PC games using the purpose-built PCs from Commodore.

For nearly a generation, Commodore was the buzzword when it came to gaming. And still, there is a market for the C64 and Amiga gaming PCs. However, just looks don’t really seem to sell high-end gaming machines in times like today, as we have a choice of next-generation game consoles, specification-heavy gaming PCs and more at our disposal. What gamers really want nowadays is an exceptional gaming machine with a whole lot of specifications. Let’s hope that Commodore makes a grand re-entry into the PC gaming scene.

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