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Comcast offers 50 Mbps Data Speeds for $150 a Month

Here’s the new definition of speed!

Comcast logo Comcast has kicked off its latest super-fast internet service that will enable users to download at speeds starting at 50MB per second.

With this service, Comcast customers will be able to download high-def movies in an unbelievable 10 minutes time.

Initially, the new blazing speed service will be available in the Twin Cities area first, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and will gradually arrive in other major cities. Comcast plans to spread the service to 20% of its subscriber base by the end of 2008.

According to Comcast, the new service is ideal for individuals who require extremely solid Internet connections.

Mitch Bowling, senior VP and general manager of Comcast high-speed Internet said, “This announcement marks the beginning of the evolution from broadband to wideband.” Bowling added, “Wideband is the future and it’s coming fast. We believe wideband will usher in a new era of speed and Internet innovation for today’s digital consumers.”

Interestingly, the company plans to increase and enhance the service and get download speeds to up to 150MB per second in the long run.

Users can enjoy the latest speedy Internet service of up to 50 Mbps downloads and 5 Mbps uploads for $149.99 per month. Comcast’s normal high-speed service which offers download speeds up to 12 mbps, costs $42.95 per month.