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Combin Scheduler Review: Plan your Instagram content with ease

Combin Scheduler

Let’s face it, being active on Instagram is something that hogs a good chunk of your time. This is especially true if you’re an influencer or a traveler who is obligated to put stuff up on your account on a regular basis. If you’re among them, you need to regularly upload photos and even more regularly upload Stories in order to keep your audiences pleased. Doing all this while handling other duties or while traveling can be extremely jarring, and that’s where a program like Combin Scheduler can come to your rescue.

It’s an Instagram planner, which does exactly what its name suggests – lets you schedule the upload of multiple photos and stories, so you can concentrate on other tasks. Combin Scheduler is a marketing tool for convenient Instagram content planning. Automatically publishing your photos and Stories at designated times helps you take full control of your Instagram strategy days before it’s deployed. Let us take a deep look at what features this software keeps at your disposal.

Combin Scheduler

Upon downloading and installing the program, you will be asked to log into your Instagram account. After doing that, you’ll be taken to its interface, which is basically highlighted by an empty calendar. The reason it’s present there is something you’ll only truly understand once you schedule your uploads. This software neatly organizes them on the calendar, showing you what post is scheduled for what date and time.

A tiny smartphone icon in the bottom-right corner is meant for showing your main Instagram profile. It’s not interactive, but it does give you a look at your most recent uploads. Anyway, let’s cut to the main part. The big ‘Add New Post’ button at the bottom is where you need to be headed if you wish to schedule a post. This is where the real magic happens.

Combin Scheduler Upload

As you can see in the screenshot, the big box in the right is where you can drag-and-drop your desired image. Or you could start by writing the caption first. Can’t come up with one even after a lot of brain-racking? Combin Scheduler has you covered with its series of pre-written captions that are replete with relevant hashtags to get your post more visibility. If you’re a traveler, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also geotag your photos from within this application. Just type in the name of the location, and you’ll get a list of the available geotags to affix to your post.

Once you’ve made all these choices, you can finally get to schedule the upload. A date can be easily chosen from a pop-up calendar, after which, the exact time can be selected. Give everything a final check, and you’ll be good to go to hit the ‘Create’ button. This will create a scheduled post that’ll go live at the chosen date and time. Figuring out how to upload a Story is just as simple. Hit the ‘Add New Story’ button, and upload your photos into the slots one by one. You can then select the date and time when you wish for them to go live, and hit the ‘Create’ button.

Combin Scheduler Stories

A bonus feature is the Repost tab, which allows you to add the link of an already posted photograph into it, and have it scheduled to be reposted to your feed. Once all the scheduling is done, the calendar that greeted you once you opened the app will be populated with your chosen photos to give you a clear idea of what’s going live when.

All this allows Combin Scheduler to be a simple and easy-to-use program that makes the life of an active Instagram user a lot easier. You can download it for free, but this version is limited to allowing just 3 photo uploads and 15 Story uploads per week. The paid versions start with a Personal plan, which costs $7 per month, and allows unlimited uploads and user tagging for a single account. As for the Business account, which costs $21 per month, it allows unlimited uploads for up to 5 Instagram accounts, apart from all the other features mentioned above.