Collapsible Travel Scale – Easy Travel

Collapsible Travel Scale If you are worried about your increasing weight while you travel, here’s a portable device that can be carried while you travel. Called the Collapsible Travel Scale, the tiny device will allow you to constantly keep a tab on your weight while you enjoy the trip.

The weighing scale is small and compact which can be slided in to a small box and zipped into a cover. The weighing scale’s footpads are small and will display the weight on its LCD display on a digital mode. The travel scale operates on two lithium batteries and will display the weight either in pounds or kilograms measurements.

The collapsible travel scale itself weighs around 18 oz and measures 8½ x 6 x 1″ when closed. At a price of $39.85, the weighing machine supports maximum weight of 330 lbs/150kg and is available for sale on online stores already.