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CO2 sensor module features an integrated temperature and humidity sensor

c02-sensorThe need for CO2 sensors has never been as apparent as it is right now. Carbon dioxide is present everywhere in the air, although concentrations are substantially below levels likely to harm anyone. You may not need CO2 monitoring everywhere, but it’s imperative that we measure levels of carbon dioxide in some specific environments such as industrial spaces and closed confined buildings.

Carbon dioxide levels can quickly go up and as we breathe out CO2. An interesting fact about carbon dioxide is that it doesn’t have a smell, taste or colour, and it lasts for more than 100 years in our atmosphere. Finally, there are CO2 sensors for measuring carbon dioxide levels because CO2 is being used in many industrial and household products and risk related to this harmful gas is increasing. If you don’t know, CO2 is used in industrial solutions such as making of dry ice, promote the growth of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. And CO2 is also used to dispense beer and to kill allergy-causing dust mites and substances.

NDIR sensors (nondispersive infrared sensor) are commonly used for gas detection. A CO2 sensor based on dual wavelength NDIR technology uses characteristic absorption method to measure CO2 levels in both open and closed areas. Sensitivity range of CO2 sensors varies from product to product, and as far as the accuracy is concerned, carbon dioxide sensor module with integrated humidity and temperature sensor perform better regardless of the changes in ambient temperature and humidity.

Some products, including these CO2 sensors from epluse, have the ability to work independently without getting affected by any external agents. A battery-powered CO2 sensor can reduce energy costs and usage. You can expect long-term stability from these sensors as these modules are less demanding in terms of configuration and power consumption, and they easily fit into any environment, be it industrial space, modified atmospheres or crowded living areas.

CO2 sensors are used to monitor and measure CO2 levels to help users know about the quality of air with higher accuracy. Measurement helps users determine the specific need for fresh air. CO2 sensor modules such as the ones mentioned above are successfully meeting expectations in several areas including agriculture, wireless transmitters, and the tailored need for ventilation, handhelds, and building automation. It has become possible because these modules can be deployed in different. The CO2 sensors are insensitive to polluted environments and offer more information than the ordinary CO2 sensors as they feature integrated temperature and humidity sensors for durability, accuracy and better monitoring.