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Clove UK confirms Samsung Galaxy S III delay

Samsung Galaxy S III

Clove UK has confirmed that stock of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been delayed. This hold-up encompasses both models and pushes back the phone’s release to the first week of June at best. Over the past week there had been unconfirmed reports by several news sources that the pebble blue new Galaxy S would be delayed in a few, if not several, markets, with some speculating that all regions could be affected.

Many of those very reports asserted that the supposed delay was not expected for the UK, although it would be a thing of certainty for Scandinavia and a few other places. Speculation was rife that this might be due to some defect in the back covers of the blue version of the phone. Later, several online retailers took down pre-orders of the pebble blue version.

Samsung Galaxy S III 2

But as the British retailer has detailed on its web site, the delay affects both the white and the blue version, if not quite equally. The first round of marble white Galaxy S III shipments will commence on June 1, instead of the previously decided upon date of May 30. Meanwhile first stock of the pebble blue S III is expected to arrive in the week of June 5, 2012, but even this is yet to be confirmed.

The above has been verified accurate as of May 28, but things could quickly change in the coming days. And we’ve yet to receive information from other retailers, so the full extent of these Samsung Galaxy S III shipping delays is not clear.


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