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Cloud Printing: How It Gives Your Business A Competitive Edge

cloud apps In business it is essential that you focus on every detail that can give your company the edge over its competitors. Some of this may be around the way you manage you team, the goals and the processes which you have, and often it can come down to something as simple as the equipment that you use. In this vein, today we are going to take a look into cloud printing, what it is all about and why using a service like Konica Minolta to take care of your printing needs could be the game changer that you have been looking for.

What is Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing relieves the business of the need of having to hook up to cables for its printing services. This is essentially a wireless way for your business to operate and it instead uses the internet to send, manage and receive print jobs. The cloud offers the agility that the cable-based system simply cannot, and there is a whole host of benefits which businesses can count on which will seriously benefit them.

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Simply Management

All of the company’s print needs and jobs can be managed through a simple online dashboard which increases the visibility of the queue and allows for easier management. This will save time and it will also make the job of maintaining the printers far simple. Making any aspect of the workplace simpler and faster is a surefire way to increase productivity.

Lower Costs of Printing

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Cloud printing removes the need to continuously pay for new hardware and software for the printer, not to mention the fact that there are significantly reduced maintenance costs thanks to smarter management. On the whole it is anticipated that switching to a cloud printing system will save you a third on all of your printing costs, and that is quite a figure by the end of the year.

Green Credentials

As many of you in business will know, there is more pressure than ever before on running our businesses in the greenest way possible. This pressure shows no sign of disappearing, not from the authorities or from our customers. This again is a great benefit of cloud printing services, that you can actually reduce your carbon footprint through its use. This form of printing is greatly going to reduce the amount of waste which a printer produces, and through shared resources there is also a big reduction of the carbon emissions generated from the transportation of documents.

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Saving Time, Increasing Productivity

These two phrases should be music to the ears of any employer, and saving time and increasing productivity levels in the office is exactly what we are all working towards. Through the use of cloud printing your employees will no longer waste time downloading new drivers for the printers, looking for cables which have been removed or trying to find out where in the queue their document has got to. This increased agility which cloud printing delivers is perfect for saving time on menial tasks in the office, allowing your employees to get on with what you pay them for.


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Most traditional printers struggle to deal with a fast-paced world which requires different volumes on various days. The cloud printing system is actually smart enough to enable you to scale up and down as you wish, and through the use of machine learning it can actually use intelligence to work with other systems in making sure that it can deliver for your business. Whether there are certain groups which have the same demands each day or particular individuals printing at the same time, and printing the same type of documents, cloud printing will ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Given the clear benefits that this offers, it is a surprise that there are not more businesses who have made the switch to this kind of printing service.

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