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Cloud CCTV solutions heralding the Internet of Things dream


We are a few years away from seeing the Internet of Things engulfing our lives more tangibly. At the same time, signs of the same are pretty visible right now. Cloud-based CCTV solutions are an example of the same, with companies like 2020 Vision Technology at the forefront of the game.

The Internet of Things mainly stands for a completely connected world in which all physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items will be web-capable and allow exchange of data optimally. In such a digital utopia, all your payments will be cashless and all your household appliances will be controlled via your smartphone.

Although the Internet of Things goes much deeper than that, this is just a simple way of explaining it. Coming back to the topic of cloud CCTV solutions, they offer round-the-clock access to your video feed right on your smartphone. And in order to achieve this, you are not even required to have a DVR or a dedicated PC of your own.

Everything can happen by harnessing the power of the cloud. By paying a monthly or yearly fee to a service provider you trust, you can set up CCTV cameras at the intended locations and receive a login ID and a password from your account.

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The way this works is that your cameras are connected to the cloud network of the service provider. All the processing happens remotely, not requiring you to even have a screen or server for your feed. All the recordings get stored in an encrypted manner in the cloud; so you can access them from your Internet-connected phone or PC by logging in.

A live feed will also be available, while another great feature is that you can choose to share the video files with other people. Those are not the only advantages of such a system. Some cloud CCTV solution companies are even offering extra features like heat-map readings, analytics and more.

Cloud-based CCTV surveillance is just one direction in which the Internet of Things is going. It will take a while for the dream of an always connected world to be fully realized, starting from technologically developed nations to emerging markets.