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8 Clonezilla Alternatives

Here we have a few Clonezilla alternatives for those of you who wish to take a look at the substitutes of the software that comes in handy for cloning disks. The open source program in question arrives in two variants and even lets you clone multiple network-connected computers at the same time. And the developers believe that since it saves and restores only the used blocks of a hard disk, it is pretty efficient at the task. So if you are on the lookout for a similar application, you should definitely go through the list laid down below.

1 – Acronis True Image:

This PC backup software can be used for disk imaging and its expertise is not restricted to cloning files. You can use the program for taking backups of your PC’s exact configuration inclusive of applications, settings and the operating system. It is compatible with the latest Windows 8 platform and lets you save your data on the cloud so it is accessible through any internet-enabled device. There are mobile applications as well, to make it simple for you to access data directly from your handheld gadgets.

Acronis True Image

However, unlike the said software, it is not free and costs $49.99 for a single PC backup.

2 – ManageEngine OS Deployer:

manage engine os deployer logo ManageEngine OS Deployer is a comprehensive disk imaging solution that enables you to instantly image and deploy operating systems anywhere across the globe. Using advanced online and offline imaging techniques, you can even image live machines functioning on the network.

You can now image your target computers without affecting the productivity of the end user. The next step is to customize your images according to your organizational needs. This customization involves the deployment and post-deployment settings to be configured in the target computers.
Finally, deploy the image across multiple computers using unique authentication passcodes or MAC addresses. You can deploy images to users connected to your corporate network, users working from home outside the network, and users working from remote offices. We also allow deploying images to any computer independent of its vendor make or model.

While imaging computers, you can backup user profiles of those computers which can be deployed along with OS images. Also, you can automatically collect the drivers present on the computer while imaging and distribute those drivers to the target machines while deployment. In addition to these drivers, you can also manually download, extract and deploy vendor drivers if necessary.

3 – Macrium Reflect:

Macrium Reflect is the next option on our list of programs like Clonezilla and is especially useful for disaster recovery. It lets you clone your drives and create disk images so you have backup files of all your documents, images, videos, music, emails and more. The software can carry out scheduled backups without your intervention as well.

Macrium Reflect

It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and is available as free edition for personal use. The application’s paid Standard, Pro and Server versions are also available through the official website for $44.99, $58.99 and $199.99, respectively.

4 – Parted Magic:

Parted Magic makes use of the core programs of GParted and Parted which can easily handle partitioning tasks and clone disks so you can create backup files of your important data. It has a GPL license and boasts of an extensive collection of file systems. You can use it for the purpose of formatting internal and external drives and move, copy, delete, expand or shrink hard disk partitions too.

Parted Magic

This utility is not even required to be installed as it can run directly from a CD. It can benchmark your system’s performance ratings and even test hard drives to detect impending failures. Parted Magic is available for free through the official website.

5 – Paragon Backup & Recovery:

This option from our roster of softwares similar to Clonezilla assists you with creating backup files for all your data so you do not end up losing it if your system crashes and wipes everything off. It creates an exact copy of the PC complete with the operating system, applications and settings and can even be used for differential backup to safeguard the data that has been altered.


You can even schedule backups and create something called as a Capsule so the image stored in it has extra security. These files can then be used to restore the computer to the earlier state and you can choose to restore an entire disk, partitions or select files according to your preferences. Its free as well as paid editions are available on the official web portal.

6 – EaseUS Disk Copy:

EaseUS Disk Copy Home facilitates sector by sector disk or partitioning cloning for all platforms and file systems and according to the developers, this type of cloning creates a 100 percent copy of the original drive. Apart from creating backup files of your data, you can use the utility for transferring data from one hard disk to another too.

EaseUS Disk Copy

One of the key advantages is that it copies everything from your old drive including lost, deleted and inaccessible files. And as there’s a built-in burning feature, you can even create a bootable CDs and DVDs. You can expect the freeware to tag along a user-friendly graphical user interface as well. It works perfectly well with hard disk with capacity of up to 1TB.

7 – XXClone:

XXClone is said to be a simple disk cloning software that is useful for taking daily backups. It creates an exact copy of a disk containing files, applications and more, just like some of the other tools mentioned above. You can rely on it to regularly create backups of system drives and make self-bootable disks that will assist you while restoring the data to your PC.

Option 6

And if that’s not all, this utility from our roundup of programs like Clonezilla boasts of Hypersync algorithm for regular backups and operates in the background so you can continue using the system while it is busy creating backup files. It can be downloaded free of charge for personal use.

8 – DriveImage XML:

DriveImage XML is another tool that lets you create image files of logical drives and partitions so you can restore them back to the computer if it crashes. You can easily browse through these images and even extract required files. It can be used for transferring content from one drive to another and schedule automatic backups as well.

DriveImage XML

Its private edition is meant for home computers and is free, while the commercial edition needs to be purchased. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, 7 and 8.


Which of these Clonezilla alternatives do you think are perfect substitutes of the software? Do try them out and get back to us with your views and opinions through the comments section below.