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Click to download for YouTube videos?

YouTube Obama Video

YouTube has finally added the click to download button to its VOD service. However, this is not available to all the videos in YouTube’s collection.

The videos that have a download option on YouTube also include President-Elect Barack Obama’s weekly addresses. And most of the other downloadable videos too belong to politics. What more? There is also a “watch in HD” option given for these videos.

As per reports, the downloaded videos are going to be of a quality higher than in which they broadcasted making them downloadable and viewable for devices supporting digital content. The content after download will be getting saved in MP4 format.

Although YouTube never had the download option earlier, it was not impossible to get the videos offline because of several services offering hacking of the videos on the Internet.

It is being speculated that the VOD provider will add the download feature to many other videos at large; so, you don’t have to depend on the Internet and its speed to view and replay the content.