Cina USB Flash Drive Snowflake Design: Feel the winter

Cina USB Flash Drive

If you miss the winters and love playing in the snow, then here comes the Cina USB flash drive which presents itself in a snowflake design which stands out differently from the rest of USB drives.

Gadget makers have come up with a variety of ideas in designing USB drives. The USB device seems to top the charts in terms of unique variations in their designs. Some of the devices provide multi-purpose utility and some of them show off their style and class. The Snowflake design USB drive from Cina seems to fall into the bucket of style and fashion.

Designed by designers Leslie Lueng and Jason Wright, the USB flash drive provides a 4GB memory capacity and measures 60mm x 20mm x 10mm. The Cina USB Flash Drive may look pretty at the first look but imagine the amount of dirt and dust that can get attracted to its corners and crevices. The pricing of the device hasn’t been mentioned as yet, but it will be available via a pre-order through the official Cina website.

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