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Chromebook offers customers 1TB free Google Drive storage during the holiday season

Google and its partners offer very small amounts of hard drive storage with their Chromebook machines to perhaps to keep the costs down, and mainly to have more people use the Drive cloud storage service. While every purchase of such a product brings with it a subscription for a large amount of cloud space on this platform, Mountain View has decided to go one up during this holiday season.

Each Chromebook buyer will now be the recipient of a two-year subscription of 1TB worth of free Google Drive storage which is of $240 in value. In order to grab it, they’ll need to purchase their machine either online or offline this year and redeem their free storage prior to January 1, 2015.

For those out of the loop, Chromebooks are low-cost computers which run Google’s very own ChromeOS which has been tailored to be used for swift Internet surfing. These laptops hence grab few connectivity features, and are not meant for heavy use.

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While the cheapest such product right now is the Acer C7 which costs $199, there are rumors that devices with retail values as low as $149 are set to be made available next year. Asus and Lenovo will be the two companies that will apparently be offering these laptops, and their unveilings are expected to take place soon.

A large number of Chromebook products are now being sold worldwide, so there’s lots of choice available as well. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, do make sure to do that prior to next year and redeem your 1TB worth of free Google Drive storage.