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Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android lets you access your PC via a smartphone

The Chrome Remote Desktop service has been around for more than a couple of years now to give users access to their files on a computer remotely from another PC or laptop. But now, Google is making it possible to get access to those files from an Android mobile phone itself. A dedicated application has been introduced for the same.

A post on the official Google blog says that this a free, easy and secure way of viewing files remotely via Chrome. The new remote desktop application is compatible with Android-based smartphones and tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or later platforms. Also, this service offers compliance to both Windows- and Mac OS X-enabled desktops and they should have the Chrome browser installed on them.

Chrome Remote Desktop Android App

To get started, interested users are required to get the said Android application on their handheld devices as well as the app’s desktop version on their computers. The latter is available via the Chrome Web Store. Once you have installed the apps, simply open it on your smartphone or tablet and select the computer name that you wish to get access to for viewing files remotely.

The Chrome Remote Desktop Android app can be downloaded via the Google Play store and its desktop version is available at the Chrome Web Store, free of charge. Also, its iOS version will be released later this year.