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Chrome for Android now lets you download content offline

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Google’s Chrome browser recently got bumped up to version 55 for PCs and Macs, pushing out Flash once and for all while setting up HTML5 as the default in its place. The brand has now begun rolling out the latest iteration of its browser for Android devices.

Chrome 55 (55.0.2883.84) for Android promises a host of performance, stability, and memory improvements. It also adds a couple of new features. Chief among them is the ability to download audio, video, and full web pages for offline browsing.

This will probably come as welcome news to Chrome users, especially for people who don’t have access to a reliable data connection at all times. The tool allows them to do things like save videos and music when on a Wi-Fi network and access the media at their convenience, potentially saving up on data costs in the process.

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To get started, individuals will simply have to head to Chrome’s menu and tap on the new download button located there to save a webpage. As for audio and video, a new save icon appears next to players if the site allows it. The browser further has a fresh Downloads section to view and share saved content.

Downloads divide all content into different segments such as documents, video, audio, pages, and images. It even tells Chrome enthusiasts how much space their stuff has taken up in their handset and how much is left.

Other notable changes include a tool that showcases misspelled words highlighted in the text fields and enhancements to contextual search UI. You can download Google Chrome for Android via the Play Store.