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Best Christmas Apps for iPad

Best Christmas Apps for iPad

The best Christmas apps for iPad are a great way to invoke that ‘Christmassy feeling’ even before Santa’s sleigh lands on our rooftops on the eve of this much awaited holiday. The list is packed with a sackful of goodies that would certainly put a smile on your face and even have you exclaiming ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ if they found their way onto your Apple device.

1 – A Charlie Brown Christmas:

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The characters of the much loved comic strip, Peanuts, are all set to light up the festive season as they enter our list of Christmas apps for iPad through A Charlie Brown Christmas. Already garnering rave reviews, the software enables you to aid Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the whole gang as they find the true meaning of Christmas and maybe even help you with this query as well.

YouTube video

Fans would be ecstatic to know that there is a rebirth of the 1965 animated classic narration by the original voice of Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins. Besides this, there are other things to keep you busy these holidays, like playing Schroeder’s piano, going caroling with the Peanuts choir and finger painting with the gang.

Price: $6.99

2 – Doodle Jump Christmas Special:

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

The addictive iOS app gets a touch of Christmas icing sprinkled on it, only to expose its frosty transformation as Doodle Jump Christmas Special. Players are called upon to jump all the way to the North Pole. This particular installment includes new challenges, paths, monsters, graphics and a super cool rocket power-up. And while traversing across the interesting levels strewn around the title, you must beware of the Chill Breath monster that has the ability to freeze you on the spot, making you sink into the murky depths below.

Price: $0.99

3 – Santa GPS 2.0:

Santa GPS 2

This app is one of our personal favorites as it brings back childhood memories of when we used to stand with our noses pressed against the chilly window, in the hope of catching a glimpse of Santa zooming by in his sleigh. With Santa GPS 2.0, you can track the jolly soul on Christmas Eve in real time as he sets out dropping presents at different houses all across the globe. You can acquire updated North Pole news as well as toy production information directly from Santa’s head elf publicist. Worried that you’ll get a coal in your stocking this year? Well, you can find out by rating yourself or being rated on the naughty or nice meters.

Price: $1.99

4 – Christmas Sound Shelf Free:

Christmas Sound Shelf Free

The next entrant in our Christmas apps for iPad list is Christmas Sound Shelf Free. By downloading this software, you can get your fingers on more than 30 holiday sound effects and 2 festive melodies. A few sounds that can be heard ringing include Santa’s HOHOHO, champagne cork, balloons and balls popping, party atmosphere, glistening, jingles, sleigh bells, hand bells and lots more. The music collection comprises of Silent Night and Jingle Bells which come in very handy especially while sitting around the fireplace and Christmas tree with family, and the only thing missing is the soothing music of Christmas. You can rise to the occasion and belt out those tunes from your handy device.

Price: Free

5 – Color Mix HD Christmas:

Color Mix HD Christmas

Download Color Mix HD Christmas, and you will find it hard to pry the iPad out of your little one’s hands. They will be glued to it for hours on end, expressing their idea of the festivities. Besides providing loads of coloring fun to tots, the app also teaches them color mixing techniques with five basic paint hues splashed on the palette. Kids can then merge them according to their vast imagination and the new creations will be saved for actual use. A plethora of coloring pages and backgrounds are provided while also giving children the ability to paint on photos in the iPad album. Their creativity can then be ported to the local gallery or photo album, to show friends and family just how talented your little Picasso is.

Price: $1.99

6 – Christmas Wallpapers HD:

Christmas Wallpapers HD

The final inclusion in our lineup of Christmas apps for iPad is Christmas Wallpapers HD. Why restrict decorating just your house or office desk with tons of buntings, decoration and holly? You can let your iPad feel the special vibes of the holiday season as well, by taking complete advantage of 500 high quality wallpapers. All you’ve got to do is choose the picture you desire, store it in your photo library and drape it all over your tablet. The app incorporates a user-friendly interface along with various viewing modes to optimize your eye-candy search. Furthermore, a Favorites function and a Slideshow mode are endowed for a better viewing experience.

Price: $0.99

With the countdown to Xmas already underway, we urge you to stuff that stocking pinned above the fireplace and prepare to put out that bright star, not forgetting to decorate your Apple tablet with the best Christmas apps for iPad. And while putting those cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa, do remember to let us know which apps made you jolly and which made you frown this season.