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Choosing The Right Tools For Regression Testing Needs

software-developer Automation tools are enhancing the testing processes for regression, functional, unit, integration, and other tests used for software systems. Automated regression test tools are being touted as the most efficient and effective resource to enhance software coverage. The way that engineers perform their testing operations is being redefined. The most difficult decision for any project is realizing whether test automation is a requirement and what tools and processes should be used.

Analyzing and concentrating on one specific tool that will meet a particular requirement is a tough challenge. The market is full of automation tools, but not all of them are going to meet each project’s scope. The following steps will assist in narrowing down the search for the appropriate automated regression test tools.

Steps For Choosing Testing Tools

There are a number of automated regression test tools on the market and it takes evaluating the specific project and the requirements for that project in order to determine which tool will be most appropriate.

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Know The Project Requirements Completely

Delivering a bug-free product is critical in maintaining the quality of an application and the ultimate success of the project. The quality of a project will be improved via automated testing by elevating the test scope and depth. It is imperative that you obtain a thorough understanding of the requirements of the project including the scope, type as in desktop or mobile or web, as well as the group’s code language strength prior to the start of the process. Any tool ROI is going to be reliant on need as to what is needed to automate and how many cases are in need of automation.

Identify The Main Elements Of The Project

There will be many factors that should be taken into consideration before a decision is made as to the best tool for a project. Here are the main factors:

1) Ease of Development/Maintenance of Scripts. This should be as easy as possible in order to reduce resources both human and time.

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2) Test Execution Ease for Those Non-Technical. Any project member should be able to run the test suite simply when it is necessary as well as those manual testers with little to no tech skills.

3) Desktop, Web, Mobile. It is a complicated process to handle 3 various tools for 3 different platforms in test automation. Choosing a tool that supports all is best.

4) Tech Support/Assist. Help in handling critical issues within a project is a necessity for automation engineers. A tool offering this is ideal.

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5) Pricing. Take into consideration the necessary requirements along with estimates for project cost and review the difference between the other automation tools available.

All of the automated regression test tools are different and have their own advantages and benefits. The only way to know which one is going to work for your specific project is to analyze what your requirements are and how each tool may work to make the project run much more smoothly and efficiently.

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